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This site currently contains features such as a pet colour viewer, pet size comparisons, a guide to unusual colours, images of past revamps, a generator to show how pets on an account look together, and discussion forums. There is also a Subeta colour viewer.

New Colours
candy poogle
candy poogle
polkadot poogle
polkadot poogle
chocolate techo
chocolate techo
marble techo
marble techo
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Most recent news entries:
20/09/2017 - Candy and Polka Dot Poogle
Candy is very nice. I'm especially fond of the little round sprinkles on its head. I also like the subtle detail of how its lower stripe is regular...
14/09/2017 - Chocolate and Marble Techo
Chocolate is very lovely. The detailing is simply amazing, particularly the drizzling of chocolate on chocolate and all the details on the tail. ...
12/09/2017 - 8-bit and Dimensional Draik
8-bit looks a bit larger than most varieties and the 'lines' seem a bit thicker as well. I'm not sure that the side-view was the best one for this ...
30/08/2017 - Swamp Gas and Woodland Kyrii
25/08/2017 - Water and Dimensional Grundo
20/08/2017 - Clay and Pastel Meerca
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