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Cookie Policy

Neocolours does not set any cookies on any parts of the site except the forum. If you do not visit the forum, you will not receive any cookies from this site.

The following cookies are set by the forum:
nc_forums_k : this is used to store whether you have set the "remember me" feature, so that you don't have to log in repeatedly
nc_forums_sid : this stores your session ID, to confirm that you are logged in
nc_forums_u : this stores your user ID

These are required for the functionality of the forum. The following websites describe how to disable cookie functionality, but please note that if you disable the _sid and _u cookies, you will no longer be able to log in to the forum.
We do not share these cookies with any other company or service.

If you have further questions about cookies, please contact us on the email address given in the page footer.