Submit a post-customisation URL:
This is what the version from the news looks like:
brown ogrin
brown ogrin

The URL you need to submit is the one for the 150x150px pictures on people's userlookups, not the larger Flash version from the pet lookups.

Are you sure this is the pet you want to update, that your pet is fully clothed, and that this URL is definitely for a female pet? All pets at the Rainbow Pool are male.

If you are, please enter the eight-character Customisation code here. For example, for the female Orange Bruce, the full URL is and you only need to enter the bolded part, 3n7twl8s.

Please do not add any pets with a background to the database. These will be deleted and the admins won't be happy!

Customisation Code:

(Currently, we have 3204 female images and 3283 male images, out of an estimated 3289 pet-colour combinations. That's about 91 images left to submit.)