To prove I did something with all the fairytales...

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To prove I did something with all the fairytales...

Post by Jazzy »

I've finally written and redrafted the story I wrote from the fairytales you guys provided. It's a bit unusual in that I'm giving it to you as an image file- basically, I'm very paranoid that I'll be hauled up for plagiarism of my own story, and the explanation "well, see, there's this neopets fansite I go to..." isn't the best. The main reason I'm doing so is that it needs a different title, and since it's stumped everyone I've shown it to offline, I decided I'd stump you all too. I'm unlikely to change anything else about it, however, since this is coursework and that'd be "outside help"; the only reason I can ask you to come up with a title is that we technically don't have to have a title at all- I am, however, open to any criticism you may throw at me for the future :)

Anyway, yes. <a href=" ... .png">Once Upon A Time</a>.

Oh, and speaking of working titles, I'm also open to suggestions to replace the one I gave to this forum hastily.
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Post by KasiTL »

*snickers* Interesting take on the story. I liked it.

I recall someone pointing out that two of the Disney princes looked identical (oh my! Someone's a cheater :P). I think she said it was the one from Snow White and from Sleeping Beauty. Not sure which ones.

Hmm, perhaps "Unhappily Ever After?" would be an appropriate title?
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Post by AngharadTy »

I adore it. ^_^

"Unhappily Ever After" might be a bit <i>too</i> obvious, though "Happily Ever After" has a sarcastic ring that I like. But I do like the title you have for it now; I like that "Once Upon a Time" happens after "The End."
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Post by sgt_pooh »

I love it!! I mastered in Children's Lit, until my son was born and I couldn't go anymore. Halfway done forever. Oh, I was talking about your story. :) Love it. :)

The title. I like "Once Upon a Time" myself, but I could suggest, "The Glass Coffin" or maybe "Charming". I like "The Glass Coffin" better, though. Great work!!
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Post by sterlinglyons »

Maybe you could call it "After, Ever After"
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