The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Cranberry » 04 Feb 2008 07:38 pm

Hm, I do see the appeal of recolors, but I also like redraws that change the shape of the species -- I hate it when the artists are locked into a specific "look" that doesn't always work well with the paint brush ideas. I'd really like the dog species to be able to be a fox, wolf or dingo depending on how it's painted (with a brush from a different region or whatever). That allows us to give the users all of those animals without having to design five different dog species (something we always complain about with Subeta's dragons/cats/etc.). I don't know how to make the two ideas work properly together... maybe just stick with the common dog species look for all the recolors, and let the artists go outside the box with the redraws, allowing them to change the whole shape of the pet? I dunno.

(Wouldn't a terror/graveyard/halloween/whatever dog be awesome as Cerberus?)

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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by AngharadTy » 04 Feb 2008 07:39 pm

You mean a better Cerberus than the Ruffie?

Yes. Yes it would.

(That is actually the best Ruffie color, but you know, it's still a Ruffie.)
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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Cranberry » 04 Feb 2008 07:40 pm

I completely forgot about that, but that's not surprising, as I pretend Ruffies don't exist.

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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Huggles » 04 Feb 2008 07:58 pm

I don't think it'd be difficult to work other real life animal characteristics into redraws. Maybe less like the faerie lenny and more like the mutant gelert? The standard gelert is just a dog, whereas the mutant one has very hyena like features. I think for a lot of the popular pet types, like canines, we'd just have to be more careful than Subeta in avoiding redundancy. Instead of having three cute and cuddly bears—anyu, chai, clawsion—there'd be a bear pet that's cute and one that's more fierce, like a grizzly. There'd be a bird pet that looks more like a songbird, one that resembles an emu or ostrich, a kiwi, a bird of prey, and a penguin. I can think of more birds than I can bears, sorry. So, maybe dog pet 1 doesn't have a color that turns it into a fox, but dog pet number 2 does?

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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Elfwoman99 » 04 Feb 2008 08:30 pm

Here's how I was thinking it could work. Each species would have:
Common color. This is the base. Most colors are based on this in terms of anatomy.
Colorfills. These are based on the Common, but with different color scheme.
Regional colors. These are redraws based on region (Ancient Egyptian, for example) or habitat (Forest, Desert, etc.) They are a variation on the animal that the Common is.
Other Redraws. These are redraws based on the Common in terms of anatomy, but with an element, or undead, or Botanical, or whatever.

For an example, I'll use Generic Bear Species. Say it is a grizzly bear in Common. Then it would have other colors like this:
Colorfills -- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, grey, white (a white grizzly, not a polar bear), black (but not like the black bear species), striped, etc. All grizzly bears, as the Common. Common might count as Brown.
Regional colors -- panda bear, polar bear, black bear (not just a black grizzly). Not every species would have to come in all the regional colors. Maybe you don't want to make a Savannah bear or an Ancient Greek bear because they would be the same as the Common grizzly bear.
Redraws -- flaming grizzly bear, Botanical grizzly, aquatic grizzly, flying grizzly, undead grizzly, etc.

Some more random color ideas, which people can take or leave:
*Chia Pet -- this is different from Botanical. Basically a simplified shape made of dirt, with grass on top.
*Flayed -- a possible gross color. The pet is very much alive, no rotting flesh or bones sticking out. But it has no skin, and thus no fur, feathers, or ears. It does have eyes, though. Did anyone here read ZooBooks as a kid? They had pictures like this.
*Infested -- another gross color idea. The pet is alive as above, not undead, but it has lots of worms. Basically like #2285, but I envision the worms being grey or white maggots, not brightly colored. Gross, but not evil. To obtain this color for your pet, you have to use maggot eggs.
*Clockwork -- this is not like Neopets's Robot. It is steampunk, and there's no outer covering so all the gears and stuff are showing
*Origami -- the pet becomes a folded paper sculpture of the species
*Ice element color
*Anthro -- I don't like anthro pets, but if enough people wanted them, Anthro could be a color
*Quicksilver -- pet is made out of gooey, shiny, dripping liquid metal
*Caramel -- a colorfill that is neither Brown nor Cream. Basically, a rich caramel color, with brown and cream and maybe orange or white highlights in a few places.
*Eaten -- this may be a dumb idea, but I was thinking of an undead skeleton that isn't just a skeleton. It is mostly a skeleton, but with bits of tendons, eyeballs, maybe some inedible organs, left attached. For invertebrate species, this would be the left over exoskeleton or shell, but all broken and split open (and empty). Guess how you would obtain this color for your pet...

EDIT: The "muscle" color can be named Flayed.

Some other species ideas:
*Pangolin -- because pangolins are so cool!
*some kind of tentacled creature
*Kangaroo/Wallaby -- not like the Blumaroo, but looking like an actual kangaroo
*Rhinoceros or Brontotherium
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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by mellaka » 05 Feb 2008 08:18 pm

Cranberry wrote:Instead of having, say, 20%, 50% and 100% healers, there could be a special healing stone, and it would heal a different percentage based on how much you'd trained a specific stat.
can i just say how much i love, love that idea? maybe it's because i'm far from owning a full (or even 50%) healer on neopets, but i would really like the idea as long as the healing item itself isn't nearly unobtainable for all but the richest players. i just like how you could have control over how well it works and can actively work to make it work better for your pet. subeta does it better than neo in that the healing items themselves aren't so pricey, but this is even better.

i also wanted to add that i like how subeta gives your pet experience points for battling, which kind of meshes with the neoquest-type of battling that has been mentioned. i wouldn't want all training to be like that, but it would be fun if everyday fighting or maybe just site-wide or special events also worked to increase your pet's battling skills or intelligence.

there are so many great ideas in this thread. and now i really want skeleton, clockwork and origami pets.

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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Huggles » 08 Feb 2008 06:58 am

Moderatorly Note: Would it be worth it to use my magic powers to create a thread for each section? If you haven't noticed, I probably could go on forever discussing each detail in-depth. Epilogue isn't exactly the most popular forum, so it wouldn't be overcrowded. I think it'd help people who might only be interested in certain areas and not others, but only if you guys agree and think you'd personally contribute more.

Fighting and Battling This is such a fun thing to think about while I work, instead of counting the hours until my lunch break and then until I come home. :)

Anyway, I've been trying to think up an example of a unique battle class, and here's what I came up with.Following NQ2 as a guide, each class would have a unique skill set that you would upgrade over time using skill/ability points. You could dump all of your skill/ability points(AP) into one particular skill/ability, or divide them up however you see fit. You'd gain AP from battles, quests, and training.

Time Lord—Okay, so the name ain't that great unless you're a Dr.Who fan, but it's descriptive and works for now. Time lords would have the power to control space and time. Their skills would be:

Teleportation: This would be a preemptive or counter ability. You could teleport yourself, a party member, or an enemy away from battle for a certain period of time. Let's say your teammate was low on health, and would likely be attacked on the next turn. You'd be able to teleport them away to avoid the attack and give them time to be healed on your next turn. You know that an enemy is going to heal itself or its party, or is about to land a critical attack, you could teleport them away and prevent them from acting. Teleportation wouldn't always hit nor last for the entire battle, especially with low AP equipped, but would become more accurate and longer lasting as you level and gain AP.

Gravity: This would be a type of direct damage dealer. Time lords could reverse and increase gravity around single or multiple enemies. Up becomes down, and while they're being pulled up into the air, gravity is reversed and increased, smashing them into the ground. As you allot more AP to this skill and gain more experience/levels, the chance to work on multiple enemies would increase. So, eventually it would have a 50%(example) chance to work on multiple enemies.

Time: Can't think of a better name, but this ability would change how quickly a character can act. When cast on enemies, it would slow them down. On yourself and party members, it would speed you/them up. Like haste and slow in, well...just about every Final Fantasy or similar rpg. Again, the more AP you spend the longer the effects would last. Maybe this one could be split in two.

Edit:Dur, I forgot the one I thought was the most fun!
Deja Vu: Exactly what you think it is. This copies the last action taken on a single target. Used on an enemy, you can redo a party members last attack. Used on a party member, you can heal them again. Or maybe someone tried to dispell a negative status effect and it didn't work, but using deja vu you can do it again and maybe it does.

A Fun Scenario: An enemy launches one of their strongest attacks against one of your party members. However, they reflect the attack back. You use deja vu to redo the reflected the attack. You then taunt said enemy by asking "Why do you keep hitting yourself?"

Basic Attack
: This would be an option for every pet, regardless of class, and involves using a weapon. Every class would be able to use every weapon, except for a few species-only weapons, but would benefit more from some than others. Every weapon would have a basic attack, like 5 earth damage and 5 physical damage, but also have a bonus stat. For example:

Time lords would use hourglasses, sundials, clocks, and watches.

Hammer of Time: This would be an hourglass with a handle attached to be used like a hammer because smashing things is fun. The basic hammer of time would do 10 physical damage, multiplied by whatever the strength of your pet is, with a bonus of increasing your Time skill by 20 AP or 20% of the total AP alloted to Time. This would only hit one opponent.

Fiery Hammer of Time: Instead of 10 physical damage, this hammer would deal 5 fire damage and 5 physical damage with the Time AP bonus. Then you'd have earth, air, water, light, dark, etc. hammers of time.

Pets with hands would be able to hold the hammers, while others would hold them with their tails/trunks/tentacles. Failing that, they could hover above or be attached onto their backs like the weapon Amaterasu uses in Okami, then bodyslammed into an enemy. Adjustments would be made to the weapon to fit the pet, instead of simply making them anthro for plots or wherever else they might be featured.

Magical Pocket(Fob) Watch: Exactly what it says. This would attack multiple opponents by being thrown, smacking them in the head, and boomeranging back to you or your pet because of its chain. This would give a different bonus then the hammer. Like, a 10% increase to both your gravity and time skills. Again, you'd have all the elemental varieties.

Armor: All armor would give you a base amount of protection against all attacks, and then have different defense bonuses. Like, there'd be a set made up of different pieces that would all have bonus effects that would aid time lords, increasing their teleportation, gravity, or time abilities.

Species Resistances and Weaknesses: Before you get ready to jump down my throat for being a hypocrite, there are two reasons I don't want them on Subeta:

1) Change is bad. Not always, but like pet color revamps, you may not always like the result. Neopets, on the other hand, had resistances and weaknesses added so long ago that they might as well have been there from the beginning. If they're their from the start, you can make a decision before committing.
2) I don't exactly trust them to make them fair and balanced, something that's easier to plan for and polish at the start rather then adding in later.

So yes, certain species would take more or less damage from certain types of attacks, but the total number would be the same for all pets. Let's use 10%. No pet would have weaknesses or resistances whose combined total would be more, or less, than 10%. I.E. Koalas could have a 10% resistance to earth attacks and a 10% weakness to fire attacks. Or they could have a 5% resistance to earth attacks, a 5% resistance to air attacks, a 5% weakness to physical attacks, and a 5% weakness to fire attacks.

Familiars in battle: Familars, I'm using this word because I tired of writing petpet/minions—so there, would give a base increase to your stats or abilities, and then have a specific bonus or attribute. Having a minion would be better than not, but not having one or a particular one wouldn't guarantee a win or a loss. Let's say I have a koala time lord with a snail familiar equipped. Because snails are slow, they'd increase its Time(slow) skill by a flat 5 AP. This would be a passive effect. A rock familiar, literally a rock, would have a different bonus. Perhaps it would appear in battle as a once-per-battle weapon your pet could use to pelt a single opponent in the head for 10 physical damage. Useful for when you're low on magic power(MP)/energy/mana needed for skills/abilites, or maybe to smash a team member in the head to wake them up from a stun/sleep spell. Oh, and using your weapon wouldn't cost MP/mana/energy. That way you'd be encouraged to use them at least once during most battles.

Options, strategy, fun!

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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Goldenchaos » 08 Feb 2008 08:04 am

You guys think of the most awesomnest things
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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Huggles » 11 Feb 2008 08:01 pm

Pet and petpet/minion colors So maybe the regional colors could be a replacement for Neopets clothed colors? Instead of the desert aisha just being tan with clothes, it'd be redrawn to look more like an ancient Egyption cat in terms of anatomy. Maybe it could still have a few pieces of jewelry or other accessories from that region too. I like that idea.

Fighting and BattlingMore classes!

Dreamweaver—Again, I can't think of a better name, but this class would have power over dreams and sleeping. Their main weapons would be: dreamcatchers that are projectiles thrown at multiple targets and more powerful ones used for single targets, sleeping powder/the Sandman's magic dust that would inflict damage as well as have a chance to put opponents to sleep, and pillows. Yes, pillows. Newbie pillows would be soft and fluffy, but there'd be pillows filled with rocks or pillows that are on fire or pillows that have been dunked in water and then stuck into a deep freezer. Pillow fights!

Summon Nightmare: This would allow you or your pet to summon a nightmare creature to beat the crap out of a single opponent, with a chance to cause them to cower in fear and be inactive for a portion of the battle. Think nightmare pets or heartless.

Numerical Sheep of Doom: This would allow you or your pet to summon counting sheep that would jump and kick your enemy in the head. This would also have a chance of knocking an enemy out for part of the battle. Where the nightmare is used for a single opponent, sheep would be used for multiple opponents. This ability would allow you to increase the number of sheep summoned from 1 to 1 for each enemy.

Daydream: This ability would cause your opponent to be lost in a daydream, and attack one of their allies. In a two-player battle, that person's pet only option to continue would to use a basic attack on itself or other party members.

Sleep: This causes the target enemy to fall asleep for a period of time, unable to act. Eventually, when you're really far along, you'd be able to put them into a coma and they'll be out for the duration of the battle unless someone wakes them up. Maybe there'd be a sub-ability called Rude Awakening that would remove the sleep effect.

Life, the Universe, and Everything For the humans, maybe instead of a group of them just leaving, their stasis pods were ejected before the crash and landed in various parts of the world. Maybe the crew of the ship had them in pods because they were carriers of a deadly virus and the captain ejected them instead of his alien cargo. Since they were carriers themselves and not affected, they'd live on and discover that the virus couldn't affect the life on this new planet. The ship bound humans would still be afraid of this and still wear their encounter suits, and the virus would explain the enmity between the two groups.

I have more, but no more time left to post right now! I shall return and I will expect to see comments of how awesome I am if no one has any further contributions.

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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Foghawk » 13 Feb 2008 11:33 pm

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Text adventures = AWESOME. I love the idea of having to do some occasionally. I actually write them myself! I use a specialized language, so you can't just open them in a browser and start playing, but I believe there are interfacers available. If we ever actually do this (or are we just brainstorming?) I get to code the text adventures.

I am going to talk to you about robots. Robot dinosaurs. Amirite?

The robots were originally a race of semiavian dinosaurs. Maybe a little more birdlike, maybe a little more dinosaurlike, but somewhere in between. What is important is that they be raptors, because I envision raptors as having just the right nature for their backstory. Anyway, these creatures gained intelligence early on. However, being rather solitary, loosely organized creatures, they did not really gain notions of morals or propriety (amoral, not immoral.) Not many other creatures were intelligent at this point, so they were the top dogs. And they were bored. They realized that fighting among themselves, though fun, might not be such a good idea in the long run, so they turned to discovery to satisfy themselves - experimenting, researching, learning about the world. We can call them Auraks after a minor race in DnD with a similar disposition. One field they became particularly interested in was cybernetics. They quickly developed machines that took over the more mundane aspects of life, and threw themselves into improving nature's work - having no understanding of "creation" or the like, there was nothing to stop them from eagerly using themselves as guinea pigs. At first, research sprawled in all directions, spawning everything from lumbering tanks to creatures that could jump enormous distances and weighed less than twenty-five pounds, but they found through field research and lab testing that the way to go was hitting hard and fast - packing projectile or other long-range weapons into fearsome, whippet-quick bodies with ridiculous reflexes. (Their pitfall, battlewise, is magic and related abilities - though they would love deeply to harness magic and discover how it works and what its rules are, they cannot manipulate it. They are only distantly related to the rest of the intelligent life on the planet; it must have something to do with that. They tend to resent the magic-using races for their lack of desire to understand their greatest tool.) However, this is where they become less revealing about their origins. About all they will divulge are the bare bones:

They had come up with a design for a new power source that would be the greatest in their history. However, it required a great deal of a certain natural resource to get it up and running, although after that it would work fine. This natural resource formed exceedingly slowly, and the Auraks knew that by the time they had enough of it, their race would probably be gone. After a great deal of deliberation, they decided to put themselves to sleep for a few million years, with safeguards in case something happened to the resource they were waiting for. Most of them did; the rest died out. They woke comparatively recently to find, to their delight, new intelligent races on the planet (which had probably developed since they had removed themselves from the ecology). They set up their new power supply (which they use to this day) without a hitch, but it, like the resource needed to set it up, is quite secret - no need to give away a good advantage. Having no morality, they are ever practical.

There have been expeditions to find this resource and discover how to duplicate the "Aurak reactor", but none have ever succeeded. Some say it is a rare crystal, others a certain metal, others a fossil fuel like carbon or oil. Some even say the Auraks, after starting up their reactor, destroyed whatever it was they had used - and while they neither confirm nor deny this, no one puts it past them.

Today, they have a loosely organized rotation - the average Aurak spends about half of their time out adventuring or raiding in groups, called kades, of up to nine, and the other half in the Aurak homeland, working. Others split their time differently, depending on personal preference. Occasionally, the Auraks will join in bigger groups - twenty to about a hundred, depending on the size of their target - and attack villages or cities for fun. They don't kill anyone, at least not on purpose - no need to stir up resentment - just wound or knock everyone out and walk around for a bit, taking a few samples and looking for new ideas. They keep themselves invaluable to the other races by selling them life-support units that can let, for example, normally non-fire-resistant pets enter fiery areas. And, of course, if you get on their good side, you gan get some of their implants - which both look awesome and help out in battle, although it's said that only the Auraks can really make the machines a part of themselves.

They have a variety of unique equipment, mostly implanted rather than held, that you can get. To receive them, you can either prove yourself worthy by joining an Aurak kade for a time and battling successfully with them, or by going to their main research center and helping out. The research would be a combination of "quickly, assemble these circuits"-type games and logic puzzles, of varying difficulty depending on how rare the implant you're trying to get. Implants could be removed by leaving your pet at some unimplanter's place for a day or so. However, they refuse to give certain implants to certain variations for physical or logistical reasons. All implants require occasional power packs, in varying amounts depending on power, which can be purchased in most towns.

A vague list of implants, in order of rarity:
Blaster - simple projectile weapon, heat damage. Class: Limb (allowed #of Limb + Limb Replacements per pet = #of pet's limbs not used for movement. Limbs with Limb implants can still be used to hold other weapons.)
Laser sight - increases accuracy with projectile weapons. Class: Advance (one of each per pet, does not stack with similar non-implant bonuses)
Heat-vision - increases accuracy in the dark. Class: Advance
Muscle frame - increases strength. Class: Implant (one of each per pet, can stack with similar non-implant bonuses)
Taser - stuns an opponent, electrical damage. Class: Limb
Clawshot - may stun an opponent, brings them within range of nonprojectile weapons, can be used out of battle to access certain areas. Class: Limb Replacement (like Limb, except limbs with Limb Replacement implants cannot be used to hold other weapons.)
Skull Frame - reduces mental damage, head armor, enables pet to headbutt for impact damage (i.e., weight + speed or whatever). Class: Implant
Torso Frame - torso armor, enables pet to body slam for impact damage. Class: Implant
Static Field - deals electric damage when touched. Class: Stack (no limit, can only be applied to pets who already have implants)
L-cannon - upgraded Blaster. Class: Limb
Deflector - rebounds electric and heat damage from projectiles.
FourEyes - 360˚ vision, renders pet immune to surprise attacks from nonflying opponents. Class: Advance
Neural Whip - long-range nonprojectile, deals mental damage, may stun opponent for rest of battle. Class: Limb Replacement
Static Whip - retractable long-range nonprojectile, deals electric damage. Class: Tail (allowed #of Tail implants per pet = #of pet's tails that aren't made of fur or something.)
FiveEyes - 360˚ + aerial vision, renders pet immune to surprise attacks. Class: Advance
BugLeg - insectlike legs, moderately increases speed, increases agility, increases balance, enables pet to stab. Class: Advance
ClawLeg - raptorlike legs, drastically increases speed, increases agility, enables pet to rip. Class: Advance
Dexterity - dextrous hands, enables pet to use any nonmagical weapon. Class: Limb x2
HoverPAK - gives pet flight. Class: Advance.

The other area the Auraks get shady about is the nature of their current research. They do produce new implants occasionally, but it's not enough to account for all their research and experiments. They live for adventure, but they've been wishing for something big, really big... Some say they have turned from cybernetics to software, and have been designing the greatest AI ever conceived to marshal themselves. Alone, living for the moment, they are dangerous and slightly insane, but not belligerent - but give them a leader and it would not be out of their character for them to begin building an empire.

Wow, that was long.
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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Huggles » 14 Feb 2008 11:22 am

I will comment on Foghawk's post later, for now I will merely say that it could very well be made of awesome. Perhaps, win as well.

Life, the Universe, and Everything The origin of pet species. teehee
Spoiler: open/close
Long ago on planet Bob—Bob is a perfectly fine name for now—there lived a race of beings called the Primevals.Their existence predates all known civilizations. They took many forms and possessed powerful magic, or technology so otherworldly and advanced that it might as well be such. No one knows if Bob is the world on which they evolved, or what happened to end their reign. Some think they destroyed each other in a great war. Others say that they left the planet of their own volition or evolved beyond this realm of existence. Whatever the reasons, they haven't been seen for a very, very long time.

We have proof of their existence in the forms of temples and artifacts left behind. In each of the major cities of the world has an artifact capable of instantaneously transporting a person to the location of another artifact. Think of them as stargates. Each one is connected to all others, but can be independently operated. You could travel from New York to Hong Kong, but only if Hong Kong turns theirs on and accepts the transmission. Every time you discover a new world through a mini adventure, it gets added to your map and you gain the option to teleport to the main city. This gives an easy way of explaining, within the site fiction,of how you can travel between lands so quickly. Your map could be a Primeval artifact as well, given to you upon your arrival in the generic starting city. As you explore the world and link your map to the different transporters, it updates itself with the details of that region.

The temples would be where you "create" your pet. Eons ago, the Primevals gathered a number of different animals from planet Bob. Depending on whom you ask, they either conducted genetic experiments on the animals and speed up their natural rates of evolution, or imbued them with a portion of their magical essence. Some say it was to use them as servants, others to use them as weapons in their war, and still others say it was the result of a super-duper-triple-dog-dare. Before their disappearing, the Primevals transformed the animals into small totems— each one carved to resemble its previous animal species and made of an unknown material. (Everyone and their mom uses eggs to "hatch" their virtual critters. We get totems because I said so.)

Caches of the totems would be scattered throughout the world, and whether they were purposely hidden or lost would be anyone's guess. Over time, many of these totems would transform yet again and unleash the beast within. (hee) These would be the "wild" species of pets we'd see throughout the world. Other totems would be found in giant vaults inside of each temple, along with a Primeval artifact capable of reviving the creatures bound within. However, even though every other Primeval artifact can be used by any species of people or "pet" this particular one can only be operated by humans. Why would what was thought to be an alien race be able to operate this ancient machine? Hell if I know. It's a friggin mystery. K? Also, maybe the spell binding pets to totems left outside the temples slowly loses power over time, or maybe each one is programmed with an automatic release date. Take your pick. This way, you could still roleplay your pet as not having a human owner/creator and it'd fit within the universe.

Anyway, you'd be able to choose from a variety of totem types and place them in the machine to create your pet. There'd be a holographic display, or magical vision depending on who you're asking, that would show the characteristics of each totem. I.E. The name of the species, short description, and available basic color options. You'd push some buttons, and in a flash of prettiful light your pet would appear. The machine would only allow each individual human to create/release a finite number of pets. Who knows, maybe it's a way of ensuring that no one being have the power to call upon an army of pets? This process creates a bond between your pets allowing you to summon them to you no matter where you or they are in the world and assures that they can never die for as long as you live, or login. Instead of being their owners, we'd be called their Guardians. It's a tad bit more flexible and neutral a title than owner or trainer. For limited/restricted species, you'd have to acquire their totem—an in-game item—and take it to the temple of their native land for it to work. Random events where you trip and find a totem would neat. Or maybe a game where you have a chance to dig for one along with other items.

Inside the temple would be an archived information system. There'd be some sort of interface with glyphs and runes and whatnot, that when accessed would provide you with basic information about the Primevals. Kind of like the Primeval version of Wikipedia. It'd provide you with sound files of the pronunciation of various flora and fauna, only we'd find someone better than Donna to make sure that random letters weren't added or removed. The different races of the world would use the Primeval language spoken there as the common tongue, although there'd invariably be other nearly indecipherable Primeval languages for kicks and giggles and each race would have their own langauge(s) too.

Oh. Maybe the human spaceship crashed because it was shot down by a Primeval automated planetary defense artifact?

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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Farseek » 17 Feb 2008 02:52 pm

I think Guardians would be a good thing to call the petpets/minions.
Sounds sort of like they are protecting thier owners which is always what I imagined a petpet/ minion did.

Text adventures = great idea.

I would love to oriental themed land/ realm but done right. Of course, I'd like to be able to have pets in that theme as well. Ninjas, Samurais , Kimonos, that sort of thing.

Celestial might have some potential as a colour as well.

Pets: I think 5 is good starting number but maybe we could have some sort of quest/ event that allows you to earn more pet spots.

I also must have a panda pet. Of course, I'd want it to be super cute anime styled :P
And maybe some pets not based off real animals. Just things we imagine.
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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Bacon » 18 Feb 2008 04:20 am

Now, whats stopping us from actually creating this?

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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by Madge » 19 Feb 2008 06:23 am

Disk space, URL, bandwith, programming skill... Just technicalities, really :P

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Re: The Neocolours Virtual Pet Project (Lots of words)

Post by checkers » 23 Feb 2008 02:07 pm

Pets // Universe: To make the site original I thought that there could be different species, like Birds, Dragons and whatnot, Fish, Seahorse, Seel and whatnot, and each one could take you to a place, like at the start you'd have a basic species, like Squirrel, Koala, Rat, Bear or something, and to explore the area you would have to adopt/get given/something a pet, like if you wanted to go underwater you would need to obtain a water critter, or if you needed to get down a mountain you'd need a flying critter. SORT of like Pokémon, but not really. :/ That's pets + universe because you'd need pets to travel the place.

Thought it might not work, some people might not want to have a flying critter on their account all the time. It's like Pokémon, but you can't deposit pets you will just abandon if you don't want them anymore. The way around it I suppose is something everyone likes, so say you needed to fly to one place and someone doesn't like birds there could also be Dragons, Winged Pigs and stuff in that section of needed pets. :/

Oh, and I suppose you could have basic pets, say a Bear and then you could do a quest near the sea to get a Water Potion and that would make the bear turn, Aquatic or something and able to swim, that way you don't have to have certain pets you can just have the one or two but keep changing. :P Like I said, it might not work and it's just an idea.

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