Royal Xweetoks

For discussion of new pet colours- speculation and discussion of colours in general should be placed in New Features or Misc.
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Royal Xweetoks

Post by Purr »


The male reminds me of the RB wocky, and the female's dress looks Christmasy. Crowns look a bit crooked, I wish they had scepters (I hate the xwees fist o' doom). The female's color is blinding :/ I don't like how the shading appears to be a whole different sort of purple. And eh, the inside of her ears. I don't like xweetok eyes in general, and her eyes aren't nice either. /explodes/

But it's okay :D
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Re: Royal Xweetoks

Post by ChrisCool »

Hello, My little Weblon is now a RG !! And the fun is...she was purple :D
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Re: Royal Xweetoks

Post by Kantark »

I really, really like the purple RG. Doesn't go with the clothes a jot, but as an interesting base colour it kicks serious bottom.

The RB's base is a pleasant colour, too. His clothes suit the base a bit better, though his crown looks pasted on. The RG's doesn't look quite as bad because of the pendant thingy in front of it, and the different hairstyle. I think the Girl's clothes might be a better match on the Boy,actually.

Agreed, Purr, these two definitely need sceptres. I hadn't noticed her ears... what a shame.
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Re: Royal Xweetoks

Post by invaderhorizongreen »

well i like the clothes but no scepter for them?? if it wasn't for the ear i would say you have a purple one, at least for the royal gril. a smidgen of a change and we have a new color i do not think so.
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Re: Royal Xweetoks

Post by Jessi »

Wow, I was afraid to click because Xwees used to be one of my favorite species, pre-revamp... and I was afraid of being disappointed. I am so pleasantly surprised! I love the base colors on both and the female is especially lovely! I might have to consider painting Kaigiri, FINALLY - he's been blue since forever since it fit him best xD
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Re: Royal Xweetoks

Post by Liesl »

I actually rather dislike these pets. I used to be a huge fan of Xweetoks, but the new royal versions surprised me. The crowns seem... I don't know how to word it... wrong. Like they came from another pet. And I don't like how they don't have anything to hold, like the Korbat, who I think is one of the best royals. Saying that, however, I like the base colours. The shade of blue on the male is quite attractive.
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Re: Royal Xweetoks

Post by Faun »

..I think that I'm in love with the royal girl. If only I had a pet that it work on. I love how royal girl has different hair from the royal boy. I like the clothes, although they could be better, they're nice. The only thing I can think of that would make me like the pet more is if it had a pretty sceptre for that Fist-O-Doom.

Royal boy isn't outstanding in my opinion, but still very pretty.
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Re: Royal Xweetoks

Post by ZomgethMew »

Yeah, I think they'd look good with a sceptre too XD Oh well. RG is my favourite, RB reminds me of the Royalboy Wocky; it's okay, but I don't think I'd ever get one xD.

But that Royalgirl Xweetok is pretty n_n;.
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Re: Royal Xweetoks

Post by Snowager »

The bases are lovely, I love the RG base, but the clothes are yuckk.
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Re: Royal Xweetoks

Post by ultraviolet »

bleh. :< I love the base colours, but since when does teal and red go with purple? Those clothes are horrible.
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Re: Royal Xweetoks

Post by dauntedair »

Unclothed RG xweetok:


I already have one. x) Took it's clothes off.
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Re: Royal Xweetoks

Post by Cranberry »

So that extra hair by her ears is not part of the base?

Ah, I see: Image

That's disappointing. Also:


What's up with this lately? The pets shown in the news are not matching up with reality. The eyes and eye color are different. Something similar happened with the RG Gnorbus:


In both cases I like the one in the news much better, so I'm disappointed.
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