Christmas Krawk

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Christmas Krawk

Post by Fury »


I don't really like Krawks but the clothes are extremely cute. The base looks like it might be nice also!
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Re: Christmas Krawk

Post by dauntedair »

I don't like it at all. :/

The hat is too big, imo. And krawks wearing shoes disturb me greatly.

Just the shirt on the krawk would have been fine enough.
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Re: Christmas Krawk

Post by Purr »

You know, the defected feet of the krawk actually work in elf shoes. But that's it.

The hat has a unique touch, I actually like it XD The one sleeve on the jacket is too pointy though :( Base is perdy :D
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Re: Christmas Krawk

Post by Kantark »

A comedy elf Krawk, not sure if I like it or not. With the pugnacious fist and silly costume it looks like it's just come out of a pub in the wee small hours of Christmas Day looking for a kebab and a fight.

Might be better as a base, that looks pretty.
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Re: Christmas Krawk

Post by NeonDragonfly »

Strangely I rather like it, I'm not sure why. It may be the whole candycane coloured clothing. I rather like that over-sized hat, there's some nice detail in the bobble on the hat and shoes. I wouldn;t mind seeing it without the clothes, to get a better look at the base colour. But from what I can see it reminds me of a mint like colour. I like it xD
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Re: Christmas Krawk

Post by Jazzy »

It's alright, though I could have sworn there was already a Christmas Krawk in the same colourscheme as the Wocky. Remember, if you don't like the hat, you can always take it off!
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Re: Christmas Krawk

Post by MalionX »

It's very cute. I quite like it.

The big hat is very appealing.
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Re: Christmas Krawk

Post by Faun »

It's very cute, but it's still not a Xweetok. :( Oh well, there is always next year.

That hat is pretty awesome.
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Re: Christmas Krawk

Post by Xelio »

I like the shirt. Makes me think of Where's Waldo.
Thanks Tiel for the lovely set!
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Re: Christmas Krawk

Post by icicledragon4 »

It's very festive and kind-of crisp looking. I like the contrast from the read in the clothes and the green on the base. The fact that for the shadows they used a light pale greenish-blue rather than gray makes the Krawk look even more wintery and festive. I really want that hat.
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