Camouflage and Sponge Chias

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Camouflage and Sponge Chias

Post by Purr »


Big images aren't out yet, I'll edit with them when they come :)
Camo is epic looking. Gradient detectors tingling. And we now have a pickle chia.
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Re: Camouflage and Sponge Chias

Post by NeonDragonfly »

I have to admit when I first saw the Camo Chia, it looked liked someone had sneezed on it from behind xD
But it's not too bad, the patterns are rather nice being splattered randomly about.

I quite like the colour chosen for the Sponge Chia, I actually feel like I could pick it up and use it as a sponge. The hair looks a bit off to me though, seems like it should have more jagged lines.
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Re: Camouflage and Sponge Chias

Post by invaderhorizongreen »

i saw the camo one and thought moldy potato ... sponge on the other hand is really good for a sponge pet!
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Re: Camouflage and Sponge Chias

Post by AngharadTy »

I also immediately thought that someone had sneezed on camo! How very odd.
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Re: Camouflage and Sponge Chias

Post by Kantark »

Camo looks like it's been playing rugby on a particularly muddy pitch. Or maybe it's been used as the ball.
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Re: Camouflage and Sponge Chias

Post by prinveli »

Camo is pretty good. Although it's......random.
Sponge is just an aaverage spoge , but I like the colour.
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Re: Camouflage and Sponge Chias

Post by Haken »

I actually really like the camoflauge chia :)
Though at first glance I didn't know it was a camo colour. I thought it was a new colour XD

The sponge does look more sponge like too :)
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Re: Camouflage and Sponge Chias

Post by TraditionsRule »

I think I would actually get a camo Chia if I had the space. It's...surprisingly good. It actually gives an idea of what camo is supposed to look like, instead of the fake camo color splotches that we get with the other camo pets. You wouldn't be able to see this Chia in the woods!

Sponge is alright, not my favorite and it dosn't really look like it's made of sponge, but it could be worse.
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