Grey Draik and Xweetok

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Grey Draik and Xweetok

Post by Purr »

Image Image

(The draik image hasn't been fixed yet.) Ugh, these aren't that good in my opinion. The xweetok looks more sick than depressed, and the draik's lighter color looks too bright for a grey pet, not to mention the pink webbing. The mouth is also odd looking, like it's been drawn out too far. The xweetok is the better of the duo in my opinion. Here's the old draik image if anyone wants to see (it was never released):

*Note the non-pink webbing XD*
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Re: Grey Draik and Xweetok

Post by Kantark »

The sky outside is wet and grey, so begins another weary day...

I do quite like the Draik. It has that 'eyes cast to the heavens in despair' look, as does the Acara, as close as we get to the style of the Grey pets of old *sniffle*

The Xweetok looks like it's about to burst into tears (good) with the bottom lip going, but the fist o'doom spoils the effect a little. The Draik's fist o'doom actually looks like it's making an obscene gesture at some unknown deity.
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Re: Grey Draik and Xweetok

Post by EofS »

The xweetok's fist looks like it's making a pathetic attempt at enthusiasm, but its heart is just not in it.
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Re: Grey Draik and Xweetok

Post by Xelio »

I can't help but wonder what contacts will do to that pitiful grey draik's eyes. It wouldn't help the mouth problems, but might could make a bit of a difference to the overall aesthetics of an otherwise underwhelming pet.

I like EofS's take on the xwee's fist o' doom.
Thanks Tiel for the lovely set!
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Re: Grey Draik and Xweetok

Post by luvas »

The Grey Draik will forever live in the shadow of its overly desired 'UC' counterpart.
That being said it is one of the better Converted Greys, but that's just it: this thing's as good as it's gonna get for a Grey. And considering that TNT / the Artists ensure that Draiks look good with almost every colour and item, the fact that even this coveted species looks lackluster is something to be said for the Colour as a whole. Grey would have looked nice as a plain ol' colourfill, 'cause to be honest that's all it is now.

I don't even need to comment on the Xweetok. I'm sure TNT did all they could but he's pretty damn lame. Again, if it were not for the half-assed Emo face on that pet it would have made for a decent colourfill.
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Re: Grey Draik and Xweetok

Post by Shiny Neomysterion »

Don't all Grey-coloured pets look ill and deprived...
It's about time that TNT unleashed the Grey Draik, and very late as well. o_O
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