Woodland and Biscuit Cybunnies

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Woodland and Biscuit Cybunnies

Post by Purr »

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Best woodland so far imo. Flowers, different wood colors, and beautiful shading. And the biscuit looks like its mane, tail, and hair is made from cookie dough! The lines are colored too, and the eyes are beautiful.
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Re: Woodland and Biscuit Cybunnies

Post by Runic »

Successful Cybunny day! I love both, and I've never been a fan of the species!
Coloured lines ftw!
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Re: Woodland and Biscuit Cybunnies

Post by Unari »

I'm usually pretty shifty on bunnies, but these guys are glorious.

Woodland is lovely, I love the almost carved look of the feet, and the flowers are a nice touch.
Biscuit looks delicious, though the one chip going into its chin looks a bit off. Otherwise, nicely done. I'll be zapping for a woodland.
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Re: Woodland and Biscuit Cybunnies

Post by Xelio »

I could picture a woodpecker roosting in that woodland cybunny's ear. Now I kind of want a woodland cybunny with a beekadoodle.
Thanks Tiel for the lovely set!
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Re: Woodland and Biscuit Cybunnies

Post by tagcat »

I love the flowery leaves on the cy and the pattern of the wood gnarls. The only thing I can say im disapointed in is that they left the cheek and the elbow fur on. It looks like a excellent woodcarving but it would have looked perfect if it had leaves there instead of fluff.
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Re: Woodland and Biscuit Cybunnies

Post by ZomgethMew »

Wow, that Woodland Cybunny is beautiful! It's the only Woodland pet so far that has made me think 'I want one of these', it's so pretty. The Biscuit Cybunny is nice too, but the chocolate chips kind of ruin it for me, I'm not sure why - maybe they're too big? I dunno. I still *like* it, though.
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Re: Woodland and Biscuit Cybunnies

Post by equustel »

The woodland Cybunny is gorgeous. This, along with the Tonu, has made me want a woodland pet. :D Darn shame that the paint brush is rather costly, though. Nevertheless, I think this would look great with the Spring Snowbunny as a petpet!
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Re: Woodland and Biscuit Cybunnies

Post by Kantark »

Woodland is a riot of flowers. One thing I'm not so keen on is that the colours look a bit muted, almost like the contrast has been turned down. But I can't fault it for detail - it's got loads! I especially like the hole in the ear.

The Biscuit colours look slightly too pale to me, though the ruff is coloured more approriately. Some of the chocolate chips are a bit on the massive side.
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Re: Woodland and Biscuit Cybunnies

Post by luvas »

Seeing the flowers on the Woodland Cybunny's mane makes me think it looks too similar to Island. However, it is otherwise a good Cybunny.
Biscuit Cybunny looks like (for better or worse) that it is in fact a normal rabbit with cream fur, and only its mane, tail and toupee are made of chocolate chip cookies/biscuits.
I just cannot fathom a three-dimensional, sentient pastry so I usually don't like Biscuit, but the Cybunny is better than the Zafara and Gelert.
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