Halloween Elephante and Zombie Lenny

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Halloween Elephante and Zombie Lenny

Post by Nogitsune » 01 Nov 2014 01:31 am

Image "You're a wizard, Harry."

Image "You can call me Rob. I'm from accounting."

For a closer look:

Image Image
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Re: Halloween Elephante and Zombie Lenny

Post by Color Wheel » 01 Nov 2014 09:57 pm

The actual Zombom, for reference:


Halloween Elephante: Falling into the "costume" section of Halloween pets, this matches the character well while adding some much-need details (like the gem on the forehead piece). The magic effect on the hand is also really nice. I just wish the cloak was shaded better - the gradient makes it look a bit flat.

Zombie Lenny: This might be my favorite zombie pet yet! The tie really gives the feeling that this pet could have been alive once, and the bent and broken feathers are a nice undead touch. It also has some nice details (like the bites on the legs) and very good texturing. No issues here.

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