Biscuit and Strawberry Pteri

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Biscuit and Strawberry Pteri

Post by Nogitsune » 10 Nov 2015 05:44 pm

Image "I almost look good enough to eat. Almost."
Image "Too bad Biscuit doesn't look like short cake, we'd make a great pair."

Faster than a speeding cheeseburger, but not by much.

Color Wheel
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Re: Biscuit and Strawberry Pteri

Post by Color Wheel » 11 Nov 2015 11:49 pm

Biscuit: Nice and crumbly with good texture and chip placement. No complaints here.

Strawberry: Is strawberry. I feel like the seeds could stand to be a bit smaller and more plentiful, and the feet really feel like they should be red instead of green, but it's not bad overall.

Also, I love how the tail became a leaf without the artist doing anything to it.

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Re: Biscuit and Strawberry Pteri

Post by storymakerechidna » 01 Dec 2015 04:05 am

I feel like the Biscuit is one of the nicest of that color I've seen in a while. The texture looks really scrumptious.

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