8-bit Cybunny and Water Meerca

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8-bit Cybunny and Water Meerca

Post by Nogitsune »

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Re: 8-bit Cybunny and Water Meerca

Post by greeneggsandgraham »

That one bit of missing pixel on the Cybunny's right (our left) leg is really REALLY bothering me. I guess it looks nice, but like... where is the light source coming from?

Water is fabulous. I kind of wish they'd go for some green hues in the water, but this is so much better than the water Peophin, which was outright sad.
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Re: 8-bit Cybunny and Water Meerca

Post by Color Wheel »

8-Bit Cybunny: This is super cute! I can actually picture this hopping around in a video game. It also seems to follow the color restraints pretty well. Though I do agree with greeneggsandgraham - the light source is really unclear. I think it's coming from the right and the other shading's supposed to give depth, but it's really not needed.

Water Meerca: I love the rushing water texture here, a very nice touch that gives a lot of movement. I feel like the body could have done with some more transparency or some really strong highlights to give a better sense of depth, but it's not that big of a deal. Well done overall.

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Re: 8-bit Cybunny and Water Meerca

Post by Jazzy »

That 8-bit cybunny is adorable. They're doing a great job with the 8-bit pets at the moment!

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Re: 8-bit Cybunny and Water Meerca

Post by storymakerechidna »

The Cybunny is too cute! <3 The Meerca's waves are nice and dynamic-looking, it's a great effect (though I can't say I'm a big fan of its feet or hands).

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