Custard and Relic Kougra

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Custard and Relic Kougra

Post by Nogitsune » 25 Apr 2016 03:10 am

Image "I'm not hot, I'm just a bit oozy."
Image "I'm giving you a stony stare!"


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Re: Custard and Relic Kougra

Post by Color Wheel » 26 Apr 2016 01:52 pm

Relic: This is pretty darn good, especially the additional depth given by the shading (like on the cheek). The textures are also great, though they're almost too good as they make the platform it's standing on look woefully underwhelming. Would have been nice if the eyes were gray and without the highlights.

Custard: Once again, the texturing is great here - the subtleness of the stripes works really well, and they went back and edited the lineart a bit for a better effect (like on the ear). This is also one of the few custard pets that actually looks like ice cream.

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