8-bit and Chocolate Acara

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8-bit and Chocolate Acara

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Image "Forward into adventure!"
Image "When people say I look good enough to eat, I'm never quite sure how to take it!"


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Re: 8-bit and Chocolate Acara

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8-Bit: This looks extraordinarily awkward to me because it has no neck, making it look like somebody crushed the poor thing. The feet are also facing outward instead of forward due to the toe placement. The eye looks very pretty though.

Chocolate: This is really gorgeous. The lace-like decorations are very well placed, there's lot of variety in what kinds of sweets are used (white chocolate, fudge, waffle cones, milk and dark chocolate, ect). If I had one complaint it's that the shading's a bit too light in the waffle areas, but that's a nitpick. I'd almost get one of these if it fit with my pets!

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