Mutant Nimmo

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Mutant Nimmo

Post by Nogitsune »

Image "Does this colour make me look fat?"


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Re: Mutant Nimmo

Post by Color Wheel »

I'm not positive why, but something about this seems hauntingly reminiscent of The Big Lebowski. The Nimmo abides.

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Re: Mutant Nimmo

Post by Jazzy »

I'm not sure what it is, but there's something about the style of this that makes it look completely different to all the other pets. Maybe it's a combination of the spotted shading and the blue eyes.

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Re: Mutant Nimmo

Post by Scythemantis »

lol, I've only posted about new mutants for years.

The fat toad body on this is alright, but the face is flat and incongruous.

And yeah, it has an angular art style that isn't really "neopets."

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