Grey Moehog

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Post by sezrin » 29 Mar 2006 07:30 pm

Poor.... and it's ears just seem way to big...

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Post by FaerieInGrey » 29 Mar 2006 10:27 pm

The reason it looks high to me is because it appears to be smiling. In the sad pose, it doesn't even seem to be sad, just looks like he overdid the Visene a little.

Angry to me looks like... you know when dogs scoot around on their butt when it's... ichy I guess?
Well, I suppose that does make one angry, but hey.

The face in ranged looks weird to me, something about the jawline:

Lazy beaten = shame.

Then again, I personally didn't expect much from the Grey Moehog.

4/10 to me


Post by MileenaHugs » 29 Mar 2006 10:40 pm

I can't stand all these half melted, goopy, grey pets. The poogle, shoyru, and others I's rather not remember are made out of the same silly putty. They've taken the droppy and wilted characteristics far too literally and completely messed the anatomy each time. It's rather crappy, sad to say, when it could have been the new grey ixi with eeyore backing the style.

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Post by Ziggy » 30 Mar 2006 01:16 am

Well, Im pissed.
I've been waiting for a grey moehog forever. It is the PERFECT colour for my pet, Two. But this is really not something I would pay out for. I don't even know if I'd spend a quest on it. Its lazy, sloppy, melty and looks rushed.
I suppose the fact that it looks stoned is rather amusing/appropriate but thats not enough to save it. Bad.

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Post by Tom » 31 Mar 2006 04:11 pm

Spivsy wrote:oh my god, cheese is that woman who used to be on the lottery. The one that could see in to the future.
Mystic Meg. She was hilarious. :P

It's not very good, but few of the grey pets, lately, have been. I wish grey was back into its prime, like the Yurble or Ixi, or even the Wocky, which wasn't overly depressed.

It has lots of potentional too. Moehogs are naturally a happy species, melancholy may have suited them well.
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Post by Lakota » 01 Apr 2006 10:41 pm

I'm a bit iffy on this pet. On the one hand it clearly looks miserable, like it really doesn't want to be alive. That's the look grey pets are supposed to have, so that's good. But on the other hand it's barely been redrawn. :? I guess it just needs some more work.

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Post by Matt » 02 Apr 2006 12:09 am

I simply don't like it... bleh.

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Post by monsum » 02 Apr 2006 07:34 am

Sadly I don't like it at all.. It looks rather sick..

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Post by Farseek » 03 Apr 2006 04:33 pm

Good heavens it looks like me when I wake up for night shift!

Sleepy, red eyed, messy hair and generally disgrunted to be around :x

It amuses me for that reason but I wouldn't call it a great grey pet.
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Post by Nameless » 03 Apr 2006 11:03 pm

So grey pets are slowly deteriorating in quality, too? Bleh. :( How utterly disappointing: this colour has some of the best art on the site.

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Post by Aqua » 10 May 2006 06:35 pm

It'd seem that they just updated a bunch of poses.. Happy, sad, and beaten are different (though beaten is minor). The photo is based on sad now too. ... &oldpos=on

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Post by Twofold Black » 10 May 2006 06:57 pm

I find this to be, despite the matter of the pet appearing to be a significantly different shade of grey in the sad pose than it is in most of the others, an improvement, in a way I can't quite put my finger on. The beaten pose looks a little too optimistic now, but aside from that, good show, TNT.

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Post by Settingshadow » 10 May 2006 07:03 pm

I dislike the changes -- it looks like it has a stupid grin, even in sad now. And the head looks larger, making it more caricatured.

The new sad also seems to have been treated with Rogain and one extremely bad punk hairdresser.

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Post by mentalfloss » 10 May 2006 08:12 pm

I think sad's least its a redraw. The rest of the pet is still nowhere near worth the price of the brush, though. D:

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Post by gidget » 11 May 2006 01:22 am

I find it a small improvement, but the pet as a whole is still not one I'd want.

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