New Paintbrush Vote!

For discussion of new pet colours- speculation and discussion of colours in general should be placed in New Features or Misc.
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New Paintbrush Vote!

Post by Nogitsune »

Image "I look marbelous!"
Image "I have a candy-do attitude!"
Image "Let's put the petal to the metal!"

Wow, do all those look nice! I just can't choose! Which do you guys like?

You can vote here.
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Re: New Paintbrush Vote!

Post by nomigid15 »

I voted for Marble.

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Re: New Paintbrush Vote!

Post by AngharadTy »

I would definitely vote Marble if I could. They do all have really interesting art, though.
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Re: New Paintbrush Vote!

Post by Color Wheel »

I voted for marble too. We already have chocolate if you want a sweet edible pet, and most Christmas pets have striping anyway (not to mention that pink is, like, really neon), though I'd be okay if it won instead. Floral is just hideous to me. The artwork on all of them is really nice though - marble has some nice transparency and reflective light, and candy has some subtle texturing that actually makes it look sticky.

(Plus, we used to have glass and stone paintbrushes back in the day. Relic fills in for stone, but we still don't have a proper glass paint brush, so this seems fitting.)

I'm hoping they'll do this for all future colors. It makes sense to let the public choose what new colors they want so we don't end up with any duds (swamp gas, anyone?).

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