Post Your Neogoals!

Post the good things and the bad things that have happened to you on Neopets here.
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Re: Post Your Neogoals!

Post by Xelio » 01 Oct 2010 03:35 am

Ah hah, I knew there were goals on that thread from me.

Goal 1 - Get all my pets settled onto which account they're supposed to be on
Almost there. Multiple transfers each month has helped that along immensely.
Goal 2 - Hatch a pirate draik egg, turn him male if need be, and paint him ghost
I couldn't find a name I liked that was free, so I morphed another pet into a draik and painted him ghost. I'd like to paint him pirate though, as was my earlier goal posted.
Goal 3 - Get the highest level bank account, which will be accomplished on the way to Goal 2
Done, yay!
Goal 4 - Double my site trophies (Currently have 2)
Not as of yet...sad as that is.
Goal 5 - Get the one NC mall item I covet, the Blooming Garden
Done thanks to the help of some awesome friends.
Goal 6 - Finish lookups for all my pets
/cackle .... no. Not even close.
Goal 7 - Finish an About Me petpage that lists my pets and other rather meaningless stuff I want to share
See Goal 5
Thanks Tiel for the lovely set!
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Re: Post Your Neogoals!

Post by Cranberry » 01 Oct 2010 03:38 am

My goals from the New Year's thread:

1. Adopt my friend's old lab pet on a side; turn him into a Darigan Chomby. I can't do this until my side is old enough... another three months.
2. Pick a species and color for my namesake labpet, cran_b, also on a side. Turn her into that!
3. Win the gallery spotlight... which means actually learning how to code a layout. And buying all the items I still need.
4. Train Alaskawolf to 700 str and def. Not that it looks like we'll ever get a war again, but you know... I've been around long enough; I feel like I should make him as strong as possible.

I've done the first two! Uekte is my darigan chomby. I turned cran_b into a spotted lupe. Haven't made any progress on the others, so I guess those can stand as my current goals.

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Re: Post Your Neogoals!

Post by 23639377 » 03 Oct 2010 12:46 pm

I didn't expect so many replies! Sorry I poofed. You guys are insane! You already achieved a lot.

Iggy - Ooh I like the idea a lot!

Kantark - I might try to zap my pet into a grey yurble. 4mil is simply impossible for me to earn. I've seen someone keep morphing a labrat back to a poogle for an msp zap.
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Re: Post Your Neogoals!

Post by Kamil » 03 Oct 2010 11:39 pm

I didn't post to the New Year's thread, but I've gotten quite a few things accomplished this year anyway.

I managed to get the Top Gamer avvie, one I was sure I'd never get. But thanks to the LuLu NC challenges, I played enough games I'd otherwise never touch to finally get there. I also managed Ultimate Riches! level with my bank, and kept it there for a long time before I succumbed to the SPEND!! urge. =D I also finally managed All Star level with this last year's Altador Cup, something I was sure I'd never ever manage. So I'm very proud of that particular accomplishment.

And after years of zapping, and what felt like a zillion GUPs, I finally got what I'd been aiming for and now Kendrec is gorgeous. In related news, Neo finally had their NC artists do something for water pets, and I'd thankfully grabbed up all of the id numbers for that MME, so I had a lovely selection of stuff to send her.

Speaking of spending, I painted Sallisaw royal boy (she was a royal girl at that point), christmas, and then desert again. She'd started life as a desert egg, but I wanted to leave her clothing for my ice draik, so I painted her royal girl and then moved her to my main, where she's mostly stayed since then.

So that was a chunk of cash. And then I spent more, finally giving up on catching a Mootix myself, I purchased one (omg, when did they get soooo expensive?) and managed to attach it to Chaffey's Weewoo.

Things I've yet to do include getting pirate Draik clothing for Sallisaw (I dislike the base color, so I'll probably end up borrowing a colorfill Draik, painting, thiefing clothing, then repainting and sending it home); buying better weapons; and training Kaotika to the 300 boosts.

I'd be working on that now, but the cg'ing thing has me so scared I simply refuse to buy codestones, even from shops that look like they'd be safe (supposedly buying from shops where they cost the same as most others is safe, but how long until someone ebil figures that strategy out?). So I moved her off of my main to remove temptation. Although hopefully she'll be coming home soon, to fight in the plot war. *koff*

I'd also like to add more trophies, although I'm resigned to that taking years, if ever. And I'd love to improve my avatar count, although, like the trophy situation, those will be a long time coming, as most of what I'm missing are either game or pet related. And I suck at games and only have two lab pets left, so the chances of one of them becoming an island Quiggle or a orange Grundo, etc, are slim at best. x.x

All in all though, I'm quite pleased with this Neo year so far. =D
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Re: Post Your Neogoals!

Post by Iggy » 04 Oct 2010 12:15 am

My Zombie Aisha duo is complete!

I am currently zapping others Aisha, hoping for Ghost.

Or, perhaps I should just trade for one. My offer is an obvious overtrade, so that could be fine.

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Re: Post Your Neogoals!

Post by 23639377 » 04 Oct 2010 07:55 pm

Congrats Iggy!

I have a new goal now: change Infushia into a Darigan Aisha or trade for a V/WN one.

Kamil you're... insane...
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