My family is almost complete...

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My family is almost complete...

Post by _neo_kami_91 » 05 Jun 2012 06:53 pm

Just what the title says.

On my main account, there's Bibbycub the Kacheek (, my first ever pet. There's also Eliyzah the Xweetok (, whose personality was inspired by a certain cynical (spelt right?) Wocky in certain comics in a certain online newspaper. And Katniyssa (, who was made the day after Cybunny Day this year. She was going to be a red Meerca, and then I saw how perfect she would look as a biscuit Cybunny. And finally Fyzzlie the Elephante (, who was only made fairly recently.

On my side, there's Toriette (, or Tori, who's going to be a Split Aisha very soon. And Rylabel the Aisha (, who - when I finally get that Fountain Faerie quest - will be a wiccle helpless baby. Strangely enough, Mowrix (or Mo as he prefers to be called) is the most mature of all of my pets, yet he's the youngest ( O.O I'm hoping to morph him into a Rainbow Poogle with the money from the item from the RL Orange Aisha plushie code (that sentence ran on a bit). But at the moment he's happy as a yellow Lupe ^_^

I did a drawing of them, I just can't figure out all this "image hosting" and "url" stuff. Help would be appreciated...

On a side note, I scraped some money together and splurged on all of their RL doppelganger plushies. With a few tweaks. Bibbycub is green (her original colour) in the RW, Katniyssa is Spotted (closest to Biscuit I could find), Fyzzlie is Disco (well, it's close enough), and Tori is Orange (there's a funny story behind this. I wanted the item code from the RL Orange Aisha plushie to trade for a Rainbow Poogle Morphing Potion for Mo, so I made her online just for the heck of it. Now she's been accepted into the family. I can't get enough money for the Orange Paint Brush, so it was fortunate that the most visable side of the Split Aisha is orange XD). Ellie (Eliyzah) is still Striped, Mo is still Rainbow, and Rylabel is still Baby (but that plushie cost A LOT).

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Re: My family is almost complete...

Post by Fjorab_Teke » 05 Jun 2012 09:20 pm

Huzzah and congratulations, nice Neo-family!

As for image hosting, there are several good, reliable free websites for that. I personally use PhotoBucket (like for my signature images below), but there are others that are just as good. Most of them have ready-made image-url copying links and even basic picture editing features once you have your images uploaded to their sites. :)

And some of us can talk you through that too if you'd like.

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