Adventures with UC Pets (aka Surprise! Hacked.)

Post the good things and the bad things that have happened to you on Neopets here.
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Adventures with UC Pets (aka Surprise! Hacked.)

Post by Aqua »

One of those reminders to check your accounts once in a while if you're inactive. 👍

For the past couple of weeks, I've been posting doodles to Tumblr, and mostly old doodles. One of those doodles happens to be of my maraquan chomby, Metamorpheus.

The day I posted his doodle, I figured, "Hmm, I'll look him up on Neopets." You can guess I was a little surprised when his owner had a username I didn't recognize. Buh? Logging into my accounts, I took inventory and realized that there was some tomfoolery with just one account - polychromic. Not only was Meta gone, but Alyrical had also disappeared. :/

I've heard that UC pets are pretty valuable, and I still have a bunch of them. Given the age of my accounts, I guess I was bound to get at least one hack..

I quickly went through and changed all of my account passwords. I wasn't sure of my chances, but I filed a ticket through Neopets support. It took about a week for a kind support staff to get back to me and return my pets. Apparently I was lucky that it was a relatively fresh hack as they were able to see that the pet transfer occurred with out anything of value being given to me in return. That, they said, was very suspicious.

The funny thing is that I didn't record who took my pets. I can imagine that their account is frozen now though. Whoops.

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Re: Adventures with UC Pets (aka Surprise! Hacked.)

Post by Jazzy »

Wow, congratulations on getting them back! You're one of the first people I've heard of actually managing that.

I have the opposite problem with one of my accounts - password doesn't work, password reset doesn't send. That thing's locked down tighter than Fort Knox...good luck to anyone trying to steal those pets!

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Re: Adventures with UC Pets (aka Surprise! Hacked.)

Post by AngharadTy »

Wow! That's impressive, a week's turnaround. (Like Jazzy, I can't get into mine or get emails--except ads...) It's so crazy that Neo is still such a ripe fruit for hackers & crackers of all sorts. What a hell of an experience overall.
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