Ace Attorney

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Re: Ace Attorney

Post by Fury » 28 Feb 2010 05:07 pm

Joey wrote:Hey Guys!!!

So I don't have Ace Attorney Investigations yet because I entered into a contest to win a free copy and some other swag. Well it's up for a vote now, and I entered my Nick pumpkin carving from this last year. You can all vote for me here: I'm listed under Kat (pumpkin carving). The other entries plus my pumpkin carving are here: ... id=2924823 in case you want to check them out and vote for someone else if you think they're cooler then me.
Spoiler: open/close
Also yeah, Kat is my real name if you didn't know yet xD
Thank you for voting!

Wow, good luck! What other prizes do you win? :D

And thank you Daisybell for pointing out the Wikipedia entry for me - I was too stupid to think of that myself. Hur hur.

The new game looks good, I will look forward to the added element of being a sprite that walks around. As stated before though, I haven't even started Apollo Justice yet so I think I'll wait until I buy it. I'm also dying to get Pokemon Heart Gold as soon as it comes out so I think this game is gonna have to wait for a bit!

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Re: Ace Attorney

Post by Joey » 28 Feb 2010 09:33 pm

If I win I get
Spoiler: open/close
+ signed Miles Edgeworth posters by Eshiro-san

+ signed Ace Attorney Udon Art Book

+ Ace Attorney branded gift tin box + handkerchiefs,

+ Phoenix Wright mini-plushie

+ a hobo Phoenix beanie

+ a copy of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

+ and possibly more!
I'm mostly in it for the art book and the beanie I think.

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Re: Ace Attorney

Post by daisybell » 28 Feb 2010 11:18 pm

Has anyone played Ace Attorney Investigations yet? I finished yesterday, but there's no point in me posting my thoughts under spoiler tags if no one will read it.
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Re: Ace Attorney

Post by Officer 1BDI » 02 Mar 2010 06:57 am

I finished it about a week ago; I sped through the game so I could let my friend borrow it so I would have someone to ramble about the game with. :P

(I loved it... Kay aside, but even that's a point I keep flip-flopping on.)

Oh, and I voted for you too, Joey! Good luck!

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