On the hunt for a petsite

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On the hunt for a petsite

Post by Elucifer » 13 Nov 2010 06:03 pm

Yup, I'm bored and need a new pet site to join.

Please do not suggest Subeta (I've stalked the forums w/o an account, and I must say the users are sarcastic beyond likable or even funny).
No to Neopets, as I played there before and left after the site overhaul and everything else that went to the dogs.
No to Aywas. Sounds like a rip-off for real money.
Leopets is dead.
No Wajas or any breeding sites. Not my interest.
I've tried Misticpets, could not get into it.

Uh...guess there's not much left. ._.

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Re: On the hunt for a petsite

Post by Cranberry » 13 Nov 2010 10:53 pm

NeuroGalaxy. It's a sister site to Subeta, but completely different in "personality." Keith owns it, but leaves running it up to its own separate staff. It has a cute human avatar system, a "roam" system where you can encounter NPCs and enemies, and they recently revamped the battle system to be completely different from Neo and Subeta's (it's time-based and pets learn skills instead of using weapons... kind of Pokemon-like). I play there and find it to be a cute, fun site.

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Re: On the hunt for a petsite

Post by AngharadTy » 13 Nov 2010 10:55 pm

Dumb question, I know, but did you look through old threads here? We've talked about a number of pet sites. =)

Or if you have, what exactly are you looking for in a site? I agree that Subeta has a very unwelcoming forum system, but I rarely use it, so I can pretty much ignore it. But if a forum is one of the requirements for you, then I wouldn't even have a suggestion, as NC is one of the only ones I like!
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Re: On the hunt for a petsite

Post by Elucifer » 14 Nov 2010 02:11 am

The forums I can take or leave for now, as I observe from a distance and make judgment then. But it's mostly the pet art I'm looking for. It doesn't have to be WOW like Subeta, but it needs to be better than a site in which everyone can upload official pet art. The quality should be nicely shaded and the redraws should be creative in colour palette, consistent and overall interesting and very good at grabbing one's attention. Everything else should just be aesthetically pleasing. I'm not picky otherwise. xD

I've tried Zetapets, Cenopets, Verpets, and Misticpets, and none of which are very memorable. NeuroGalaxy...I'd like to see some of the pet art first.

EDIT: Nope to Neuro. I don't find the pet art as nice, which is shocking since it's Subeta's sister site.

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Re: On the hunt for a petsite

Post by Rah » 14 Nov 2010 05:53 am

None of the artists that work on Subeta work on Neuro. Totally different site, they're just funded by Agoge so they can develop in their own way.

Hmm, the other two sites I've been on are ichumon.com and aftermathzone.com - aftermathzone (AMZ) doesn't have great art, and has horrible signatures and the pets can date (but not breed) eegads. I don't know why I'm recommending it other than it was one of the first pet sites I ever found and I'm charmed that it's still around xD

Ichumon has great art, although I've honestly not played since it opened, pretty much. I check the news from time to time to see the different things they're coming out with, it looks pretty playable.

OH if you're interested in dogs I liked furrypaws.com - you basically have a kennel, and you get a dog and train it every day and enter it in competitions to get the CHAMPION DOG :D There is a breeding aspect, but mostly it's about getting a CHAMPION DOG WOO. It's another of those 'art is uploaded by the users' site though. I used to make all my own art for it, way back when! The game can get a bit strenuous, though. I once did a proper full month with a few of my dogs and wanted to die by the end of it xD

I have this bookmarked: http://www.petrpg.com/ but I haven't checked it out. It looks interesting now. I think it's out of beta stage.

There's another site with pretty darn good art, but I don't like who runs it. So I'm not even going to advertise it xD

Mostly, what I want to do is BIG UP SUBETA :D Most people here play it without using the forums there. They talk on here, they talk on chat clients...lots of avoidance can be done. Personally I mostly stick to the pets forum because I like answering vast amount of questions on my many pets. You can block people you don't like, and therefore not see their posts anymore, and generally create a nice experience for yourself. Iunno, I really enjoy my experience there, and even now I'm still meeting new people that are just awesome. They're not /all/ sarcastic beyond likable xD

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Re: On the hunt for a petsite

Post by Jessi » 14 Nov 2010 04:02 pm

I wanted to add onto what Rah says, haha. I only have about 600-700 forum posts on Subeta and yet I interact with a TON of great people from it, mostly here and through my cult's private forum (ILURAH), but also just random people I HAVE met in the pet forum. Like my friend Chelsea (oddishness on Subeta, C. Dagger here), I started talking to because she claimed me ONCE on the "Rate the pet names of the person above you" thread and we've been inseparable since! So really, after 4 years and just 600ish posts, I've made a ton of amazing friends simply through our mutual love of pets (or our mutual love of NC) and it's been a really great experience overall.


Re: On the hunt for a petsite

Post by Elucifer » 14 Nov 2010 07:12 pm

Good points about Subeta. I'm afraid of getting hammered for asking questions though. I don't get things as easily as I used to. Guess it sucks to get older. xD

And good news to report, I have signed up with FurryPaws and it is awesome. I love it! I wish we could mix breeds, but it's okay, I like the idea of owning a kennel and doing all these crazy things. I had a bad experience with a dog breeding site in the past, so that's why at first I wasn't sure about a breeding site, but hey, this isn't too bad! The art is relatively nice and there are so many of my favorite dogs I could own. Yay!

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Re: On the hunt for a petsite

Post by tezeti » 14 Nov 2010 08:22 pm

While I personally play Subeta the most, sites such as Powerpets, Teripets, or Lurapets offer ample activities as well.


Re: On the hunt for a petsite

Post by Elucifer » 14 Nov 2010 09:46 pm

Aww, Teripets is doomed to die. Pity, cause the site has really beautiful pets and everything, kinda like what Subeta has. Shame. =(

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Re: On the hunt for a petsite

Post by ZomgethMew » 15 Nov 2010 12:46 am

I know, right? I'm gonna miss Teripets D:.

I'm definitely recommending Aftermathzone :D It's one of the best petsites out there, imo.
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Re: On the hunt for a petsite

Post by Elucifer » 15 Nov 2010 01:59 am

It's nice, but not really my style. Sorry. =(

Well, I think I'm addicted to Furry Paws now, so I'll stick with that. Thanks Rah for suggesting it! ^^
And thanks to everyone else for helping me out! You guys are very sweet. :3

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