WoW, Guild Wars, and other MMO's

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WoW, Guild Wars, and other MMO's

Post by Huggles » 23 Nov 2010 11:00 pm

Posting instead of doing my Visual Basic Homework! Huzzah!

I've recently reinstalled Guild Wars and GW Factions, but I haven't bothered playing. Partly because of school, mostly because I'm lazy. If anyone doesn't know, Guild Wars is a free-to-play mmo where you buy the game and then don't have to pay anything else to play online. I could never really get into it because of WoW. However, it's setup so that unlike WoW, you can pick your servers on the fly and play with your friends regardless of where they might be. Like most people getting into the game now, I'm preparing for GW2, which looks to be shaping up marvelously. There's some sort of carry over achievements from the old games into the new, but I haven't bothered looking much into that. Mostly, I like the idea of starting up on the same footing as everyone else again rather than poking my way through content that the majority of players have finished months or years ago. Plus, from what my friends tell me about the changes that are being made, they seem to be fixing many of the problems I had originally. Somewhat on a tangent, I think the Charr females in GW2 look so much better than WoW's female Worgen. No boobs and no giant eyelashes or weird permanent snarls and googly eyes. Mind you, I think the Worgen male looks great, but I always play as female characters, if I can.

However, World of Warcraft is World of Warcraft! I get to be a troll druid, at long last! I can also be a cute little goblin with *crosses fingers* pink pigtails. One of the reasons I didn't choose to play as Alliance, aside from the Horde's and troll's total awesomeness, is that for whatever reason I couldn't be a brown gnome. A brown dwarf, yes, but the ladies had ugly hair.

Alas, I won't be playing either of these games until I get a new computer. But with random expensive bills popping up left and right, like having my toilet fixed so it won't fall through the floor, and paying to take the A+ certification exams, I haven't managed to scrounge up any extra cash. Poop.

Anyway, what are you playing or planning to play?

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