If there were a Pokemon Reboot

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If there were a Pokemon Reboot

Post by Nogitsune » 08 Feb 2015 02:17 am

I'm just curious, if there were a reboot of the pokemon series, what might you guys like to see done?

With mega evolutions and primal evolutions and formes around, what might people be interested in seeing as separate pokemon (actual evolutions), replacements for a base evolution, and how the pokedex might be altered? For instance Charizard's final evolution could be the Fire/Dragon it becomes with Charizardite X while Aerodactyl gains an evolution stage that looks like its mega form. As for the alteration to the dex itself, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur could all be #001 but with stages A, B, and C. This could be done with other pokemon too.

As for moves, I'd like there to be a separate section for moves that help you get around (like cut and fly) from ones that are actually useful in battle. That way your HM slave can actually be used in battle too.

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