Pokemon D/P Trading (And Battling?) Thread

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Pokemon D/P Trading (And Battling?) Thread

Post by Anubimon » 21 Apr 2007 04:25 pm

All right, since it was suggested that we make a dedicated thread, let's try this.
I'm not sure on the best format to do this, so if anyone has a better suggestion let me know. But how about this:
1) List what version of the game you have
2) If you have R/S/E/FR/LG, and if you're willing to breed Pokemon you have in it to send over to D/P
3) List your friend code (when you get it)
4) List what Pokemon you're willing to trade. This list will probably have to be constantly updated
5) Pokemon you're willing to trade for only to get the other person the PokeDex data (i.e., something you'll trade over, but you want back immediately)
6) Pokemon you're looking for. Keep in mind that you get the National Dex after seeing all of the regular Sinnoh Pokemon except Manaphy. This is completely doable in one game by just battling every trainer and fighting a lot. To see the legendary that isn't in your game (Dialga/Palkia), I believe there's a book or something you can look at in the game that tells you about it.

Once you've listed things... You can ask here if someone has something you want, or you can just PM them. Perhaps when it comes to scheduling when to trade it should go to PM? I dunno, mods can clarify. I don't want this to get overspammed.
Also worth noting, the global trade system on wi-fi only works with Pokemon you've seen (assholes). So if you've never seen a Charmander in game, and you want one... you'll have to find someone who has one. I think it counts as having seen them by fighting it in the Battle Tower, so you may just want to spend time dicking around in the wi-fi area batting the crappy downloaded opponents because Nintendo doesn't want you to battle randomly.
Second note is that as usual, traded Pokemon gain more experience... but, it seems that if you trade with someone from another country, your new Pokemon will get a 4x experience boost.
And... I'm not sure, do you also want to use this thread to set up battling too? We can do that too if y'all want.

Yeah, okay, that was really long. I hope it's okay to have this separate thread, but others seemed to think it was a good idea in the regular thread. If not, I'm sorry. ^^; And if anyone has suggestions of a better format or additions, please suggest.

Edit: Numbers edited, because apparently I can't count.
Edited again, because I STILL can't count.
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Post by Silverevilchao » 21 Apr 2007 04:38 pm

1.) Pearl
2.) I have Ruby, Emerald, and LeafGreen, and can breed Poke'mon for people. ^^ It's a hobby of mine. Once I have enough money in-game, they'll all come holding an Ultra Ball (because it seems that you can't import eggs into D/P from the GBA games).
3.) 4811 3437 0176
4.) Any that I can breed. If you want a non-legendary, I can breed it! :D However, I'm not even close to being done with the game story yet, sooo...
5.) Phione, the legendary Poke'mon that you get by BREEDING Manaphy. Manaphy is overrated. :P I also want Spiritomb (preferably in an egg), because I don't knoe 32 people to talk with over basic wireless (wireless, NOT Wi-Fi) underground.

(this will be updated when I get far enough in the game)
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Post by NyauNyau » 21 Apr 2007 05:09 pm

1) Diamond..and soon, Pearl! Lol, yea, I got both, no sense in letting Pearl go to waste. Ordered online
2) I have FireRed, Emerald and Sapphire. I will breed Pokemon. Yes. If need be.
2) 0945-8713-8462
3) Any. Within reason.
4) Any. Note, I have Deoxys, both cheated. That is, used an Action Replay to either access the island its on (Firered), and one that puts it in your box. I think, I can get more..maybe. I also have Mew, from the toys r us promotion. <_< ..and alll f the Pokemon Silver/Gold pokemon. Im unsure of how "cheated" pokemon work, or wether or not they can be traded over.
5) Any of the Gold/Silver Starters. Treecko. Latios and Latias, I havent gone on the search for the one in my Sapphire game. Groudon. Thats all I can remember off the top of my head.

: | Yea, I cheat. Since Im not spending an extra whatevermoney to get the other game. Any and all pokemon I do trade over will come with a master ball (Cheat. lol) I do have the item cheat, to get ANY item from the game. So, yes. There you go!
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Post by Kari » 21 Apr 2007 05:57 pm

1) Diamond
2) I've got LeafGreen and Emerald, and I'll breed. I'll even give you ones with decent IVs.
3) 0086 8796 5325
4) Any within reason and fairness of trade.
5) Any
6) None yet

I love breeding Pokes, and I have all the FR/LG starters. Someday I plan on getting Ruby and Sapphire (again, lost my first copy) and working on Pokes from them. I'm such a nut :D
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Post by Joey » 21 Apr 2007 06:43 pm

1) Diamond
2) Everything under the sun. Got a full dex of Hoenn and working on one for Kanto and all the Johto pokes.
2) 3436 9600 0809
3) Whatever I can breed without too much hassle. Also, I have ten billion Eevees I'm willing to part with, if anyone's interested.
4) I've got a Toys R Us mew and the legendary gerbil trio.
5) The only one I'm really stuck on I'd like for my LG, so this thread won't do me any good there.

Since I've got every advance game, I've got access to all these guys as well: [link] Not sure if that's a before or after National Dex thing though. Anyway, I'll end up with Pearl eventually too, so I'm not really in too much need of pokes I think.
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Post by Mayhem » 21 Apr 2007 08:57 pm

As far as I know, duped Pokemon can be traded like regular Pokemon, because I've already seen TONS of them over on gopokewiids.com.

Speaking of gopokewii.com: MAKE ACCOUNTS THERE. Seriously, I can't emphasize enough how easy it would be to just post a link of the Pokemon you're willing to trade, as well as their stats, notes, and whether or not they're shiny. :)


1) Diamond.
2) I have Emerald and FireRed. If I can motivate myself to complete the games, I'll be trying to breed what people want.
2) 1074 7204 0369
3) If I have any Pokemon I want to trade, they'll be listed here.
4) Again, my wishlist will be given at the above link. I will note, however, that I'll definitely be looking for Eevees/shiny Eevees, because I have plans to form an Eeveeolution team for wifi battle.
5) See Questions 4 & 5.

edit: If you have a LJ and want to get in on the poke-tradingness, head on over to my community just for that purpose: http://community.livejournal.com/pokewifi/
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Post by Jessi » 21 Apr 2007 10:51 pm

1) Diamond
2) I have Sapphire and Leaf Green and am willing to breed to trade :O
2) 3436 9600 0809
3) I'm willing to trade anything i can catch or breed (which does not include my starter yet, sorry!)
4) Same as above :3 Although any legendaries, I'm willing to trade and get back so you can get credit :3
5) Right now, I'm looking for a Chimchar which is the only starter I'll be missing.
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Post by Xulael » 21 Apr 2007 10:52 pm

1) Pearl
2) I have R/S/E, Fr/Lg, C/XD (GC games) at my disposal. Will also have Ranger soon.
2) TBA
3) I'll be listing the Pokemon I have up for trade HERE.
4) That'll just be my battling team and Jirachi, really. I'll post details on these Pokemon later.
5) I believe I have all of my old favorites on my breeding game (Fr), so I'll have to update a wishlist whenever I figure out what new ones I want to get my hands on.

I need to actually get my Wifi USB connector to work. e_e; My network has taken to immediately blocking it because, for some reason, the Wifi system has taken to trying to take over my connection completely. Technical support and so on has proven to be fruitless as well.
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Post by checkers » 21 Apr 2007 10:55 pm

1) Pearl
2) I have All gymed and Pokémon leagued Ruby, Fully-completed Emerald, Leaf Green (New* one because old one got lost) and fire red at my will, also Colluseam (Ho-oh) and one day Ranger.
3) I probably will list trading Pokémon but I wont until I do the gyms and stuff, I never trade Pokémon until after.
4) Dunno..
5) Dunno..

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Post by ChibiDragon86 » 21 Apr 2007 11:11 pm

1) Diamond
2) I only have Ruby so far, so Diamond be my second pokemon game. So breeding will be kinda new to me but we'll see so breeding TBA
2) TBA
3) Duskulls! :D But any ruby only pokemon if needed.
4) None. Not to be mean but i'm not risking loosing my Jirachi. ^^;
5) Squirtle, charmander, Magmar and Ghastly. I probably have more but these are what come to mind.

Made and account there too will edit with my stuff once I get the game. :3
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Post by nanabobo567 » 23 Apr 2007 12:35 pm

1) Diamond
2) I only have Emerald, LeafGreen, and a currently misplaced Ruby, but on Emerald I have all Pokémon but Deoxys and Ho-Oh, so if you need one after I complete Diamond let me know and I'll try to get it in a timely manner.
2) 4038 2472 6658
3) Nothing up on the GTS right now, but I'll get you something soon. Perhaps I'll go find another Cranidos fossil. The Underground is too much fun. Oh, and if you want, I have a female Croagunk. I can breed egglties for you, so PM me if you'd like one.
4) Nothing as of yet. As soon as I get Dialga, though...
5) As soon as I get far enough, I'll be hoping for anyone who might be able to get me an Electivire. I can't get it yet, though, so don't worry till I have the National Dex.
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Post by Nobby » 24 Apr 2007 02:18 am

1) Diamond
2) Ruby, Emerald, LeafGreen might be willing to breed depends on my boredom level though.
2) 3351 0531 6952
3) Various ones, most are cheated or caught with cheated Master Balls
4) Will trade a Shinx for a Glameow.
5) None currently

Now to add all these codes into the Pal Pad.

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Post by Anubimon » 24 Apr 2007 06:48 pm

Here's my info now that I'm a bit into the game.
1) Diamond
2) I have Emerald and LG. I'm not huge on breeding, but I'll do it if someone really wants something
3) 0645 2235 4546
4) I'm willing to trade most anything. I have all three DP starters right now, as well as a Cyndaquil and Totodile if anyone wants me to breed one of those
5) Once I get the Pal Park opened, I'll have a Mew I'll trade for the Dex data.
6) I'm really looking for the legendaries from previous games, if only for the Dex data so I can search for them on the GTS myself. I do love Lugia and Articuno, even if I never use them. XD
I'm also willing to battle, if anyone wants to do that.

Also worth noting is that you can get national Pokemon traded to you even if you don't have the National Dex... That's how I was able to get Cyndaquil and Totodile. They don't show up in your Dex at all though, and you still can't search for them in the GTS until you get the National.
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Post by Keith » 24 Apr 2007 06:52 pm

1) Diamond (and pearl, but playing Diamond right now)
2) I'm not sure yet.
3) 0902 9224 8430
4) None yet.
6) None yet.
6) MEW.

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Post by CallyKariShokka » 25 Apr 2007 01:54 am

1) Diamond
2) Got none of the recent previous games. XD; I found the origonal Blue in my desk drawer, but I doubt that helps us.
3) 2320 2623 1091
4) Heh, I have one badge. I have NADA. 8D
5) Anything, really, when I get better ones. XD
6) .. Anyone want to powerhouse me with a level 25+? XD;; My team.. She lacks strength.

*registers alla ya'll* :3

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