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Re: Ichumon--New petsite/RPG

Posted: 28 Aug 2008 03:53 am
by mellaka
Ah, very cute, congrats.

Sirius the Sirius

Sirius: Thanks for playing with me!

Re: Ichumon--New petsite/RPG

Posted: 28 Aug 2008 11:57 pm
by Ole
lol yeah Skitty, i added that :X I was like... sorrrrrrrry XD I can change it if u want

Re: Ichumon--New petsite/RPG

Posted: 17 Mar 2010 08:15 am
by Huggles
Maybe I'm blind, but does anyone know where I can find a pet color directory again? I'm pretty sure I came across one back when I first tried ichumon out. I can't find one on their forums and searching Ichumon Pet Colors brings me to this thread...

Well, I answered my own question after digging around some more. They link some of their fan sites and the first one has a list. I'm not really interested in playing again, but I like looking up new colors from time to time.