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Re: Pokemon HG/SS

Post by Madge » 04 Nov 2010 01:21 am

Dude, you can beat Red with level 5 pokemon.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4xL2kEN ... re=related

It's in Chinese so it's a bit incomprehensable, so here's someone's blow-by-blow from Reddit:
The video starts with our hero entering the battle for the first time with his usual method of a Lv. 5 Sentret but it failed immediately(if you look to the right you'll see that this person, whoever he is, beats all major trainers in GS with Lv. 5 Pokemons. Truly WTF). So he decides to take a different approach.

Now he enters the battle with a Misdreavwtfthenameis. Red has a Pikachu, which will use Thunderbolt. To take the electric attack, he switches to Diglett. When Red sees that Diglett is a indeed a ground type, he commands Pikachu to use Quick Attack, for which he switches in Misdreavus in to take. This way Pikachu hits nobody and uses up all the PP for Thunderbolt and Thunder. When this happens, he switches in Misdreavus to use Curse, taking out 1/4 HP each turn, supplemented by throwing PokeBalls to deplete Red of all recovery items and then fainting Pikachu. That's one down.

Now Venusaur vs. Onix. Red sees that Onix is 4x weak to Grass so uses Solar Beam, which requires charge-up. Onix alternates between Protect and Screech to avoid the attack and lower Venusaur's defense. After 3 rounds of this he lets Onix die, leaving Venusaur with 1/3 of its original defense. He lets out Scyther, who now alternates between Sword Dance and Protect to continue the legacy. After 3 turns of Sword Dancing Scyther Baton Passes it to Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime uses Barrier to raise Defense behind Substitute. Now Venusaur runs out of Solar Beam and will start to use Giga Drain, so he baton passes on Miltank who had leveled up to 9 thanks to Learning Machine. Venusaur uses Giga Drain, but cannot take out the Substitute. Miltank uses Strength and Rollout the take out Venusaur.

Now out come Espeon. OHKO by the max attack Rollout.

Out comes Snorlax. Oh shit. He switches between Misdreavus with Spite and Miltank with Protect to deplete Snorlax of Sleep and all attack moves. He switches to Scyther to up the speed and attack with Agility and Sword Dance. Baton Pass to Miltank, Strength at first and Rollout after, KO Snorlax.

Out comes Charizard! OHKO by Rollout.

Out comes Blastoise! OHKO by Rollout.

Battle count: Misdreavus and Onix down, all others survive.

He ends the video with some proud moments of his Lv 5's against all, also ending the series. Extremely WTF and also a gentleman and scholar.
Also, in response to why the player used lots of pokeballs:
Sorry I wasn't more clear. You see, this guy had everything precisely calculated. He really doesn't want Red to use a Full Heal on Snorlax. So when he had the chance, he lets Red use all his recovery items on Pikachu so he couldn't use them later. He doesn't want to use Pokemon moves to waste turns because that would cost his Pokemons PP's. So he uses PokeBalls to waste turns, simple as that.
Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comment ... th/c0yqq8j

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Re: Pokemon HG/SS

Post by David12 » 27 Apr 2011 02:06 am

Pokemon Silver will always be my favorite game, I have been crazy for so long. I will as soon as possible SoulSilver finally came out here. I saw it recently on sale in Japan is so full of jealousy.

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