"You've been blocked by..." ... wut?

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"You've been blocked by..." ... wut?

Post by Mayhem » 31 Dec 2011 08:41 am

Longgg time no post, but this was just odd, so I had to come here and ask.

I've been just logging in recently doing Advent stuff and occasionally zapping one of my pets for giggles, never commenting on anything, visiting profiles/forums, or anything, and suddenly...
"You have been blocked by Mental. Please refrain from further contact with this user. Doing so could result in a warning for Harassment!"
Who? Wut?

When did they change it to notify you who has blocked you? No idea who this person is or why the random block when I've done jack-all on the website in years, but it kind of seems like bad form to actually actively notify someone that a person has blocked you instead of a quieter method, where you only discover if you try to interact with them. It opens the doors for the revenge-seekers or whatever. Are quiet-block systems unusual now?
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Re: "You've been blocked by..." ... wut?

Post by AngharadTy » 31 Dec 2011 10:23 am

It's notified you that you've been blocked for quite a while. It's one of the policies that I think is most ridiculous on site. I understand the purpose--so you don't try to get around it and keep talking to them somehow, etc.--but it's just terrible. Creates drama, makes people feel bad, whatnot. I know that in the games I play, if I block someone, I don't want them to know it. I just want a bit more silence in my life. (I'm thinking of MMOs and spamming trolls, pretty much. Why would I ever want to notify a troll that they've gotten to me?)

If you search for "blocked" in the Subeta forum you might find more info--I know there've been a few helpful posts in the past, but I can't remember what threads they were on.
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