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Re: Custom Wears

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 04:51 pm
by Tom
I've picked up two custom wears so far and... haven't worn either! They're both really nice though and I don't regret my investment. I was kinda busy before the epidemic started so didn't get a chance to use my Cumulus Lace Hosiery but am definitely looking forward to experimenting with it. A few of my friends have the item, too, but I feel like pantyhose are something that are more useful to physically have in the wardrobe as they're less of a centrepiece. Playing around with sheers on legs to create different textures is one of my favourite things. I also snagged Elegant Bronze Hair Sticks which has been my first impulse purchase but I'm really happy with it. It's just so gorgeous! I was tempted to change my current hair with them just to show them off, but felt bad and thought I should actually do them some justice. ;) So they're in storage until after I cure.

Re: Custom Wears

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 09:54 pm
by Marah
I debated making a new thread, but it seems to go here as well:
Want to help test the new Pawn Shop? Now taking your custom wearables!
You can sell them for 300 CSC or buy them from the shop for 500 CSC

According to Keith:
The point of the CW pawn shop is to set a minimum price on CWs. We've seen them going way below 300CSC and that worries us (and CW creators!) and we're doing this to kind of make it so that those items at least have a base value.
An interesting experiment and reasoning. Personally I think that there are some awesome CWS out there, seen some absolutely gorgeous things. But unfortunately also a lot of things that made me wonder why people would pay 600CSC (or more?) for it to create one (or 10!). They simply looked like average subeta items or not all that different from excisting items to me. And there are so.many.wigs.
So yeah I totally get that after the "I bought this cool thing!!!!-honeymoon phase" prices on some items might drop significantly. Happens in real life too. Certainly now that there seem to be so many CWs in general. The subetalodge newest items function has become all but unusable if you are not interested in yet another CW wig.

I absolutely get that both the staff and the creators want to protect the CW's (income is important, we all prefer the site running smoothly) but I can't help but understand why some of the prices were dropping so hard.

Still it's going to be interesting to see if this pawn shop thing works. You know that the person who sold the CW that is in there sold it for 300 CSC. So would you buy it for 500, or try and find some-one who wants to part with theirs for say, 400?
Just speculating.

Re: Custom Wears

Posted: 20 Feb 2013 10:32 pm
by Wingsrising
Interesting. I can't say I've ever sen CWs going for less than 500 CSC on the secondary market myself, but then I've only bought a few of them and the ones I was buying were retired.

My big problem with CWs is, besides the comparatively high price, is the total impossibility of keeping up with what's available at any given time. Especially if you're not much interested in wigs because OMG the wigs! I tried signing up for the ping group and left quickly because my event bar just became this endless stream of wigs. I'm totally uninterested in any wig that doesn't involve long brown hair in a non-messy style that doesn't cover the eyes, which mean's I'm totally uninterested in the majority of released CSCs.

Re: Custom Wears

Posted: 21 Feb 2013 12:54 am
by Rakumel
I only play around with my HA occasionally, so I'm not aggressively in the market for CWs. I mean, most of the ones I've seen around on the forums look nice, but...I dunno. I just seem to be under this (probably false) impression that I'll never get one. Plus I tend to shy away from drama and there seems to be a LOT of it surrounding them.

But...I do like the pawn shop idea. Good to have a minimum CW price established, plus a possible second chance to get an item one might have otherwise missed out on.

Re: Custom Wears

Posted: 21 Feb 2013 07:12 am
by Jessi
What Keith said is exactly right - we decided to do this to set a minimum price on CWs, and it helps a lot!

Marah, I think a lot of these customs are still not available in the cash shop or anything like that, or are earlier CWs, so it is possible you might find something you were looking for in there! A lot of users are willing to drop INSANE amounts of money on customs (way, way, WAY more than I ever would, that's for sure) - so I think people will definitely spend 500 CSC to get items they want out of the hustler!

On one last note, as someone who not only sells CWs but has had a few made for me... While I find a lot of the wigs (and some clothes etc) really, really repetitive, there really are some unique and gorgeous items out there. I had a custom of my friend Amanda's cat Picasso made for her birthday (the Precious Feathered Memento) and a custom doll of my friend Caleb's favorite OC made (Depressed Musician Doll) and I think being able to do really personalized things like that alone makes CWs a really fun feature (PLUS IT GIVES ME A JOB XD)

Re: Custom Wears

Posted: 21 Feb 2013 07:53 am
by Wingsrising
Yeah, if I had the slightest idea of what sort of CW I might want I could see how it would be fun to commission one, although I'm assuming it would be expensive? But as a user it's also frustrating to see all this marvelous stuff that I'll never, ever have.

The other thing that frustrates me wig-wise is that:

1) You can't generally get any idea what the wigs look like from their item image without actually mousing over all 300+ of them just in the Cash Shop!
2) It really makes me wish there were a separate wig layer -- not just so I could wear a wig and two hair toys, but so that it would be easier to find hypothetical non-wig Head items in with the 300+ wigs.

I will say that the two CW backdrops I've bought are insanely lovely and that this conversation inspired me to go pick up the one CW wig I really like from the CSC. You'd think I'd have learned by now that if there's anything I *really* want in there, I need to make sure I buy it while it's still there: usually items I drool over get seem to get pulled from the shop before I have a chance to get them.

Re: Custom Wears

Posted: 21 Feb 2013 07:57 am
by Jessi
I'm not sure how expensive commissioning CWs are - I just have Lindsey draw mine xD I know a lot of artists have the compensation for it and then ask for a copy of the CW as well, but generally if you get a great CW and keep slots open, it'll pay for itself after just a batch or two. I haven't had to pay out of pocket for any of the Pokemon CWs I've sold - they all get paid for just from people buying slots!

Re: Custom Wears

Posted: 02 Mar 2013 03:45 am
by RNA
It seems like there's CW's that are filling palpable demands for very basic features, like background filters, and that worries me a bit because the price is CSC is rather high for something like, foreground fog or a halo that will never be released to the general public. I doubt I'll buy CW wigs because my HA's hair is almost always black.

I once bought a CW poppy wearable just to add it to my pet's treasure chest. Then, poppies were released for Vesnali. I haven't worn the item since...

Re: Custom Wears

Posted: 02 Mar 2013 04:33 am
by AngharadTy
The "good" thing, RNA, is that Subeta can officially release very similar items down the line, if they choose. So far I haven't really seen that happen (except with a Toothless dragon item? but I doubt that was an intentional imitation, more just wanting to put out a Toothless item). But it's part of what CW submitters agree to--that Subeta can release a very similar item and it's not theft or nothin'. Since Subeta owns it all anyway.

I have some of the things like that on my wishlist, like a pinhole camera kind of filter, some eye makeup, etc. Not sure I'd pay 600 csc for any of those. But they're great items. Sometimes, though, something seemingly simple can be very well done--the udometer CW is a fantastic foreground and was well worth my investment.

Re: Custom Wears

Posted: 02 Mar 2013 06:04 am
by Jessi
If we didn't have the clause about being able to release similar items, it would bite us in the ass with things like wigs, and jeans, and simple tops and the like - which is why it exists, haha. I'm not sure of the poppies in question, but it's not like the artist took a look at the poppy Cw and said "Shit I'm going to release a bunch JUST LIKE THAT." But that clause exists for that very reason.

People doing the really limited batches are hurting no one but themselves in the end. I get a lot of tickets from angry users who make an item like... a wig based off of Legolas, for example, make it single batch, and then get mad when another CW artist makes their own Legolas wig. It's kind of ridiculous, the kind of things people believe are ~copyright~ to them.

Re: Custom Wears

Posted: 02 Mar 2013 06:31 am
by Wingsrising
Ooo, that udometer is pretty cool. I'd never looked in Foregrounds because I'd assumed they were all little pets and things, but that's quite neat.
Jessi wrote:People doing the really limited batches are hurting no one but themselves in the end. I get a lot of tickets from angry users who make an item like... a wig based off of Legolas, for example, make it single batch, and then get mad when another CW artist makes their own Legolas wig. It's kind of ridiculous, the kind of things people believe are ~copyright~ to them.
Yeah, I've never totally understood the whole super-limited batches thing, or even limited releases at all. For custom items that you make specifically for yourself or on commission I can see not wanting a bunch floating around, but for stuff for general sale? That seems sort of like, "People want to give me money but I don't want to take it!" which seems weird. But what do I know?

Oh, look, there's a copy of the custom item I recently bought from the Cash Shop on sale in the Pawn Shop for 500 CSC. Oh, well, I suppose the profits went to the original artist that way.