Achievements and Tales of Woe

For discussion of the Subeta pet site, including new colours and other features.
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Re: Achievements and Tales of Woe

Post by Wingsrising »

The token shop restock let me paint the new pet I made during the week I had my 1-week GA active back in March. Meet Waverider:


I made him just because I really liked the pet and the name. I have no ideas for a character or for a treasure for him, which is unusual for me... I very rarely make a pet without those ideas firmly in mind. Maybe something will come to me.
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Re: Achievements and Tales of Woe

Post by Fjorab_Teke »

Minor stuff, the kinds of things that made me lose interest in the site...

I guess it was inevitable they'd update the Graveyard Serpenth. I wish they had kept some of the feel of it, somehow, somewhere. All that's left of it is a hint at the cobra hood.

And since I'd been inactive so long, my account had that scary "name available," so I logged in and got that resolved. Some of my pets weren't so lucky, so I'll have to figure out some creative edits for those. I might ditch the Serpenth, though.

And I'll have to update my avatar. My face has melted off, but at least my clothes are intact.
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Re: Achievements and Tales of Woe

Post by AngharadTy »

I think they probably felt there were so few GY serpenths in existence that they could go in any art direction and have it be accepted by most. That said, I... don't like it either, and it was definitely on my interest list for revamps; I'd have grabbed one immediately if I had liked it.

But a few of my pets have undergone updates that I either wasn't thrilled about or absolutely hated. I make liberal use of overlays for those, and now they feel "right" again.
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