Giveaway in Free Shop

For discussion of the Subeta pet site, including new colours and other features.
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Giveaway in Free Shop

Post by Wingsrising »

There seems to be a giveaway in the free shop to test the new servers. Dunno if there's anything super-awesome in there (I got a Humming Power Crystal) but hey, free stuff.
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Re: Giveaway in Free Shop

Post by Joey »

I wish there was a way to know what your cool down time was without trying to get another item and being insulted for your efforts. Just sayin'
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Re: Giveaway in Free Shop

Post by EllaRedFox »

I got a Marsh Terracoon Elixir, and when I kept clicking on the boxes after to see the URL (because it says "Buying -item-") and there was a Dawn Kanis Elixir.

Pretty good stuff as long as you click on the right thing. ^_^
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