Suggestions for scrolls?

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Suggestions for scrolls?

Post by Wingsrising »

So I've read the "Complete Scroll List" on the Subeta battle forums but to be honest, it's more than a little overwhelming. So I thought I'd ask here to see if people had recommendations for scrolls for my battle pet.

Currently I'm Tier 5, soon to cross over into Tier 6 (I've got between 635-640 in all stats but Intelligence.) My main weapons are the Azathoth set, along with the Gorgun for freezing, the Mystical Star Shuriken for a bomb, and the Phoenix Quill and Malevolent Grimfruit for healing.

Right now I have 13 Alchemy Points -- although there are obviously still a lot of books I haven't read yet, I just need to sit down and get more one of these days -- and my scrolls are Champion and Stalactite Star.

I'm not rolling in sP so I'd mostly be looking for things that aren't more than a few million sP, preferably less.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Suggestions for scrolls?

Post by Seerow »

The Soothing Current or Terra Focujin Scroll are definitely a must have! Soothing Current is an 8% heal using 6AP while Terra Focujin is a 10% heal that uses 8AP. Soothing Current is definitely the most cost effective right now, being just under 6mil but you can also make them both at the Shrine if you have enough skills or whatever for over there. There are better healers later on but they are more expensive. I'm currently using Holy Deluge Scroll.

A good blocker is also nice to have, and many of them! I have five Cobalt Eternal Scrolls right now and they are a must have for the harder opponents. They block 15 or all of most of the icons and can really come in handy. Each of them cost 8AP and are currently around 9mil. They usually sell in the MC but with the recent changes don't seem to be stocking right now. You can pick them up there for 5.5mil when they come back.

There's a couple others that have a good chance to freeze that are nice but they are all ridiculously expensive since only the really tough guys drop them. You can look at some more recommended scrolls on the Weapons Guide thread here:
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Re: Suggestions for scrolls?

Post by Marah »

I currently have soothing current, because I could afford to make it, Terra Focujin's ingredients were to expensive for me. I have Arctic Braver, for battling mama mush (does 10 icons, blocks all ice, can be used once per battle) I have inferno, which is a 20 icon bomb and singed stuffing, which does 10-13 icons and heals 4% every turn (it is nice because it isn't a once per battle scroll). not the biggest scrolls, for the biggest opponents, but what I could afford.

PS maybe rename this thread and make it the battle thread, we really could use one!
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