Fireside 2015 + new colour: Harvest!

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Fireside 2015 + new colour: Harvest!

Post by Runic »

Happy Fireside, y'all! Despite the slight delay (stupid irl cyber warfare), one of the most beautiful holidays of the year has arrived!

There's lots of new items to collect, and also, A BRAND NEW PET COLOUR!

Introducing the first batch of Harvest pets:
Image Image Image
Image Image

As you can tell, Harvest is essentially an autumn recolour or reskin of the preexisting redraw colour, Glade; just like Blacklight is to Spectrum.

It is currently unknown yet how to obtain the colour, although it is hinted that the Red Rreign has some connection it.
There is also a new potion to go along with the colour; perhaps a user must give a Glade potion to the Red Rreign via bonfire?

Good gravy, these pets are gorgeous! I know recolours or skins of redraw colours isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but this is a colour I really wanted to happen! I must have that Kumos.

I think my only nitpick is that the eye colours don't really stand out. I wish it were more of a cinnamon brown/red, or gold colour. Otherwise, love it. I look forward to more Harvest pets appearing this Fireside, along with some new/revamped Reborn pets!

Discuss~ :3
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Re: Fireside 2015 + new colour: Harvest!

Post by Faun »

I know a lot of people had been asking for this colour to happen for a while, so I hope they're happy with it.
It's a very pretty colour, but I don't think any of my pets would suit it o I can't see myself getting one anytime soon. I'm really looking forward to seeing some more pets in this colour though.
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Re: Fireside 2015 + new colour: Harvest!

Post by thelonetiel »

I'm really curious to see how they do the watery ones, like the Chelon. Especially since dying coral tends to be white - but I think that could be really pretty and eerie!

Also, yay for posting Subeta stuff. I like seeing Subeta's art, even if I've given up on the site.
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