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For discussion of the Subeta pet site, including new colours and other features.
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Subeta BBCode

Post by Jazzy »

Jessi reminded me that I never explained the [subeta] bbcode I'd put in, which works like this:

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[subeta]colour="colour name" species="species name"[/subeta]
So, entering this:

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[subeta]colour="glacier" species="ruffie"[/subeta]
will give you this:
[subeta]colour="glacier" species="ruffie"[/subeta]

Three things to note:
- it won't work with Common pets
- you should put the colour and species in lowercase
- you need to spell colour with a u, or it won't work.

It ought to be slightly faster than looking for a pet's url, or typing out the url in full. Maybe.
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Re: Subeta BBCode

Post by Twofold Black »

Ooh. That's fancy. And I had not noticed the button for it at all, so thanks for calling my attention to it.
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