When NC and Neopets invade your dreams....

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When NC and Neopets invade your dreams....

Post by Fjorab_Teke » 20 Jan 2012 11:04 pm

I had this neat little dream last night that combined WoW, Neopets, and you guys. :-)

I was on some WoW-like quest on Neopets, putting us through various scavenger-hunt and seek-and-destroy tasks. We had all rallied together to help each other figure out what needs to be done, classic plot-style. It was all the same for us worldwide in general except for some of the scenery. Most notably, there was a big "MAGAX" marking on the side of a hill (western USA mountain-letters style but in big normal-colored rocks) as a major landmark for most players, though a few had an entirely different word like "finland" (uncapitalized). I was amused that my version said "MAXGAG." Next thing i know, i'm in a classroom setting, and there's a substitute teacher, so we have no work or anything really to do or be worried about other than just sitting there quietly. Out the window and in the distance, i see said landmark with Madge's version, with her standing in the middle of it and waving enthusiastically at me, so i wave back - despite the distance, we can see each other quite well. After i get back to in-classroom things, i hoped i hadn't caused too much disturbance. Apparently i had ignored my surroundings long enough and completely enough that someone in the classroom had tried to say hi and left me a note instead. In-dream, it was pretty specific what it said, but i forget what it was.

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Re: When NC and Neopets invade your dreams....

Post by Jamie » 21 Jan 2012 01:17 am

I've had a lot of Neopets dreams... but the one that comes to mind right now was the one where I was digging through a discount bin of markers and pens looking for Magical Chia Pops... I'd been restocking in that shop at the time...

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