So what have you done since August 2003?

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So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Jazzy » 19 Aug 2013 09:45 pm

Madge suggested this thread, and I really liked the idea of it. What have you done in the ten years these forums have been around?

Personally for me, I have...
- developed a chronic illness and learned (somewhat) to deal with it
- taken all of my school exams
- moved across the country (so it's a small country, so sue me!)
- started and finished a pharmacy degree
- got together with Miguel (I think my housemates' reaction was "finally!")
- started my on-the-job training to become a pharmacist

So what have you done in these 10 years? (You don't have to have been here the whole time!)

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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Silver Link » 20 Aug 2013 12:07 am

- Graduated high school
- Went off to college in Vermont and graduated with a bachelors in criminal justice
- Started dating my now-husband in 2007 and married him in 2012
- Got a job in the video game industry
- Developed anxiety and motion sickness. Yay

All in all, a pretty good 10 years

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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by EofS » 20 Aug 2013 12:54 am

Well ten years ago I was one month away from moving to uni (omgwhat), so it's safe to say my life's gone through some dramatic changes. And I'm afraid I'm not good at concise...

In more-or-less chronological order I have:

- moved across the country to university
- realised I am not just "a late blossomer" but am asexual (a concept I probably only learnt about because of NC)
- fallen in love with TGW, a man I knew from t'internet (10 years ago I wouldn't have called it t'internet...)
- moved to and studied in Finland
- applied for some unpaid work experience which turned into a 6 month paid job at the local television news company
- completed my degree
- moved home and spent two years unemployed, suffering from crippling depression and hearing too many times "but if something else comes up we'll be in touch" after interviews
-- meanwhile informally, and then formally, entered a relationship with TGW (and since this was my first one, negotiated the steep learning curve that came with it)
--- meanmeanwhile started to learn German (his first language) because a) it means I can talk with his relatives and b) it just seemed the right thing to do
- got a job out of the blue (had been rejected for one there before, the usual "if anything comes up we'll be in touch". Except they actually did get in touch)
- moved across the country to live in Carlisle, a tiny city in a stunningly beautiful - and utterly isolated - area, hundreds of miles from my loved ones and a good few hours from the nearest airports
- lived fully independently for the first time
- got made redundant (not unexpected, I knew when I took the job that it would happen)
- with incredible timing got another job - exactly the one I wanted for exactly the people I wanted to work for - though again a limited contract
- moved back across the country to live in Hull, one of the most depressed cities in the country (a place which, as the Observer recently put it, "has the misfortune to sit on the word ladder between dull and hell")
- fell in love with this wonderful, neglected city and its hidden charms (and its incredibly low cost of living, not gonna lie that does help)
- became permanent staff at my job after only ten months (incredibly quick, I know plenty of people who've done short contracts for years), which leads to...
- two years to the day after I was offered my job, TGW interviewed for a job in England - and got it
- two months later, he moved over and moved in with me
- one year and one day after his job interview, TGW proposed to me
- an uninteresting amount of time after the proposal, on the 1st of June this year, TGW and I got married (EofW?)
- and now we talk about scary things like Buying a House and Having a Baby and Making Wills and I wonder when on earth I turned into a grown up

When applying for my Russian visa earlier this year I had to compile a list of every single time I had entered a foreign state in the last ten years. I broke the form :0P Well they only accepted 30 entries, and I've done that to Germany alone!

I told you I'm good at concise.

But what's probably more interesting than all that blather is what NC has done for me. While it wasn't my first close-knit internet forum (that would be the one through which I met my husband), the atmosphere here is very different. This place has opened my mind to so much. (I read a news article today on polyamory, and thanks to NC I read it from the perspective of "well of course people can be in stable, open relationships with multiple partners".) I learnt a lot about tolerance and diversity, not in a "previously I was intolerant" fashion (at least I certainly hope not) but simply that I met and got to know so many people with such different life experiences. I also learnt more than I ever wanted to know about bosomswording ;0)

I've made so many friends here, had the good fortune to meet some of you in person (I promise I'll post the pics from London soon!). Every year I look forward to our Christmas card exchange. I have to remind myself sometimes that my best friends - Jazzy and daisybell, my wonderful not-bridesmaids - are, technically, 'internet friends' whom I know only because of NC.

It's also thanks to NC people that I got onto Livejournal, making an account so Uly wouldn't have to keep unscreening my comments. I'm only a few months away from my 10th birthday there too. I've made great friends and met some fascinating people, and it's enabled me to keep in touch with other friends as we've drifted away from other communities. But if it hadn't been full of NCers I can't imagine I'd have ever joined.

It's not as obvious as my other internet home (where I met my husband...) so I probably tend to downplay the influence that NC has had on me. But now that I actually think about it, I can't imagine I'd be the same person if I'd never been here. And I'm pretty certain I'm a lot happier this way.

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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Usul_Princess » 20 Aug 2013 01:17 am

Wow, long timeline :)

Lets see...

Decided to take a semester off CMU and go to a community college.
Chickened out on study abroad to France
Became very ill, and found out it was a depression episode, not realizing why college was getting so much more difficult
Learned how to study and went back to CMU while taking online classes at the same time.
Started my doll collection (and it slowly grew from there).
Developed false alarm Type 1 and stayed on insulin for a year from a medicine side effect.
Lost 40 lbs, reversed type 2 and graduated from The community college with three diplomas!
Met my first love.
Got a great job as a Substitute teacher
Made several trips to Canada to retain my French.
Graduated from CMU (yay!)
Got another job with great health insurance
Got a beautiful apartment
Bought a puppy! :)

Thank you TCStarwind for the lovely signature! ^_^

FC bets:

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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Madge » 20 Aug 2013 01:44 am

That was an amazing story EofS!!! I read it all and it was very very nice!!

My timeline:
In 2003 I was in Year 10, 16 years old. I was also an oh-so-good "don't go to bed with a guy before marriage" sort of Catholic girl.
In 2005 I had a hellish year of social isolation and general emo-ness. About this time I also thought the thing that would make me happy would be getting a boy/girlfriend. My constant source of comfort was that when I went to university I would make friends who would like me.
In 2006 I started university and decided I was happy and didn't need a boy/girlfriend to be happy after all. I met a cute boy who I started dating. He introduced me to a bigger social group and I ended up being pressured into being a committee member for the Computer Science Students Club. Towards the end of 2006 I sort of decided that maybe I wasn't such a good Catholic girl after all?
In 2007 I was single for a year until I met Paul, my first love, at an "end of exams" party in November. I also met Anna the Red, my longtime internet friend, IRL the day after that (funnily enough). I also found about the skeptic movement.
In 2008 I started roller derby because Anna and my other best friend Ash were both involved. I finally started exercising. I also felt comfortable calling myself an atheist.
In 2009 I got more heavily involved in atheist/skeptic activism, becoming the organiser of Perth Atheists in name but not doing much good at it. Other people ended up taking it over much to my relief.
In 2010 me and Paul knew we were pretty well "doomed to be together" and lamented the fact we met each other so early in our lives when we wanted to be able to see other people too.
In 2011 we discovered Polyamory was a thing and joined the Perth Polyamory meetup. We then both entered the very intimidating world of dating again (I know how a divorcee must feel?). I discovered it's very easy to get good-quality poly boys when you're a nerdy, somewhat attractive lady. Paul discovered that getting a girlfriend when you're a quiet, introverted boy is HARD. We came out to our parents; his were supportive but my mother was quietly disapproving.
In 2012 we moved to Bunbury, two hours south of Perth, for a year because of my work. I had a pretty awful time career wise but a good time socially. I spent a lot of time doing roller derby (there wasn't much else to do in Bunbury!!). Most importantly of all, I decided to propose to Paul, and even more importantly, he said yes! Yay! :D. At the engagement party my mother said that she "accepts our lifestyle" which meant a lot. At the end of the year we bought a house, OH MY GOD.
In 2013 we moved into our new house. I was made organiser of Perth Atheists again and am actually doing a good job at it. On the dating front: for about a month, neither of us had any other partners. (A girl Paul was sort-of-seeing ended up getting a monogamous partner so that was the end of that). Then I was browsing OkCupid and ended up spotting a guy's profile who looked like a perfect match for me. I showed it to Paul and he said I wasn't allowed to date the guy because he didn't want to risk a breakup ruining his chances at being friends with the guy. So I started dating R and even though it's only been a short time I have an extremely profound feeling that he's a perfect partner and we will be together for the long haul. R was upfront with his parents straight away and they were not amused, but things are getting better. One month at the poly meetup, Paul ran into a girl who we'd met at a wedding she was at with her boyfriend in 2008... a girl he'd always had a crush on. One thing lead to another and they are now an adorable couple. And finally, I have recently been made the organiser of the poly meetup as the previous organisers have all moved to Melbourne or are going through personal stuff right now. SO IT HAS BEEN QUITE A YEAR.

That was also long!!! And I'm sure I've missed stuff out. Ten years is a LONG time!

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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by thelonetiel » 20 Aug 2013 06:30 am

Wow, that's a question. It really puts things in perspective.
  • 2003-2005 Middle school, formative years, lots of animals and Neopets. I joined Neopets in Feb 2003, and remember being on Neocolours before it got official "phpBB" forum status.
  • 2005-2007 High school, round 1. Was a geeky kid, nothing exciting. Looots of graphic design and CSS. Have never hit that peak again.
  • 2007-2008 Exchange student in Argentina for 10 months, became fluent in Spanish [Castellano]. Toured from the Cataratas of Iguazu (waterfalls on the border of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay) to Ushuaia, southernmost city in the world. Had my heart utterly broken by the boyfriend I left at home, but was able to put that energy into a better experience (you know, actually meeting people!).
  • 2008 Returned to New Mexico, moved from the house I grew up in to a larger, more liberal city. New high school in NM was laughably easy transition compared to living in a foreign country for a year. Apparently being an aloof geek is a thing?
  • 2009 Moved to Seattle, WA for school, Seattle University, a private Jesuit school near downtown Seattle. Goal of working for sustainable agriculture organizations, and other general environmental problems. Got a job at the school library, worked shelving and pulling books for 4 years. (Best student worker job ever, btw, I was so lucky)
  • 2011 Did a summer internship with my senator in the Washington DC. Realized policy is the way to attack a lot of issues.
  • 2011-12 Worked as a Resident Assistant, doing ALL THE THINGS with Housing at my school. Great people, great experiences.
  • 2013 Graduated Cum Laude with a BS in Environmental Science, Chemistry Minor from SU. Currently living in Seattle, recently got a part time job at PetSmart (omg I don't know how I lived without animals for years in the dorms). Looking for new opportunities, totally excited. Really enjoying my time with the animals in the meanwhile. Keeping focus on my budget so that I don't repopulate my home with birds and rodents and reptiles. (but I have a really cute leopard gecko I adopted from a friend!)
  • Personal notes: Several (7ish) of relationships, some failing miserably, others working out okay. Currently have been dating a cute boy who works in the tech industry for 12+ months, though he moved to California last October, so it's been a bit of long distance. We're poly; he has another partner in Seattle who is currently living with her other partner and his wife. We have adorable Poly Family outings and it's kinda obscenely cute. Also dating (more casually) another guy who's married; whoa that's trippy. I'm active in the Seattle sex positive scene (ie, freaky sex club) and my social life is full of the most awesome people I've found offline. I used to identify heavily as an introvert and hated social outings; turns out the type of people you go hang out with in a bar vastly changes the experience.
  • My hair has gone from the middle of my back, to above my shoulders, to longer, and back to short. Also lately I've had the desire to keep it pink, but haven't re-dyed because of Project Professional Job Hunt. I've learned how to apply makeup. And live as a functional human being, albeit with clean-freak tendencies I have no desire to relinquish. You know, and learned pretty much everything else, like how at a 13 year old 10 years ago I knew jack shit about anything, despite being able to bluff my way around a lot of stuff.
Neocolours has been the only community I've kept up with that entire time. I used to have a couple of guinea pig and bird forums I was a regular at, but those fell back when I lost those pets. I can't really express how much I adore you guys. Sometimes I have flashbacks of being an idiot on the internet, but mostly I have done a lot of growing up. I had a conversation with my mom when they visited after my graduation, that went along the lines of "Yeah, I'm not sure how I grew up so well socialized, I didn't have a lot of friends growing up." "Oh, I always thought it was all your friends on the internet. They were much better influences than neighborhood kids."

I definitely met (and became good friends with) people who were queer identified on NC long before I did in real life. It's kinda bizarre to me to think that Neopets, with its puritan attitude toward potential sexuality, gave birth to our little community, which I've always loved for it's diversity and acceptance of lifestyles I never saw in my little hometown. Sexual orientation is a weird thing to know NC for, but I've always seen it as a big part of the culture, at least the acceptance and support, and that's been invaluable in my life.

Is it weird I want better social media tabs on some people here? Some days, my Facebook really doesn't reflect the people I actually want to hear from. For a quick summary of how you all are doing, this thread is awesome. I'm so glad to be able to share some of the things I'm really proud of, and see how kick-ass everyone else is. Either from achieving awesome goals, or overcoming some tough obstacles. You guys are the best, and I can't wait to hear more stories. <3

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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Jamie » 20 Aug 2013 01:38 pm

So good to hear everyone's story so far! Mine seems a little bland comparatively, but here we go:

2003 - I was 12! In 7th grade which is the last year of primary school. I had found Neopets through friends in school and discovered NC through my friend Deku, I'm sure a few of you remember him! I'm still in touch with him to this day.
2004-2008 - The high school years. Made a heap of great friends who are spread all over the world now. I had a great high school experience. Got my first job at 14 and have had a job at all times since. Also had a crash course in internet etiquette and grammar, courtesy NC!
2009 - I moved from my small hometown to Brisbane a couple months after graduating from High School. This was a big year, I started a Bachelor of Law/International Relations. Hated it, dropped out of it and came out to my family in the same month. Went through a very small, lost phase where I didn't know what to do and I felt I didn't belong anywhere. I took a 2month break from study altogether and enrolled in a Nursing Degree.
2010 - One of my friends passed away after a car accident. Really put a lot of things into perspective for me. I grew up a lot, I also got my first Nursing job as an Assistant Nurse while I continued studying.
2011 - 2011 doesn't really stand out to me, I continued my part-time Assistant Nurse job while I studied. The only thing I can say that stood out is that I hooked up with a boy named Jake and never thought anything else of it/him.
2012 - I graduated my Nursing Degree and my employer at the time kept me on as a Registered Nurse! A 'real' job! Also, twice this year Jake popped up out of the blue and we'd hang out/hook up for a week or so at a time, and then go months without hearing from each other.
2013 - February 13th Jake text me again out of the blue and asked me to hang out with him the next day, which was strange considering which day it was. We slowly started spending more and more time together, I was very apprehensive as he was still in the closet and I was certain this was just another few weeks of, well, hookups for him. But slowly we got closer and closer to the point where he told me he loved me! I reciprocated a while after and I'm actually living with him at the moment until my current lease ends in October and I can move into a house which allows pets (oh yes, I got a puppy recently!).

Neocolours has been a constant throughout all of this!

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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Tiki » 20 Aug 2013 04:05 pm

Even though I'm barely active, I've followed NC off and on for close to 10 years so I had to reply! I'm reminded of this place most often when I see Jessi occasionally pop up on my Facebook feed (that honestly sounds creepy no matter how I say it). I barely remember seeing the old forums before this version, linked to it from some other Neopets fansite. I had been playing since Neo was 6 months old or so in early junior high.

In 2003 I was in early high school, still playing Neo pretty religiously, enjoying talking about the colors on here and being a little snot about it most of the time :/ Then when the forums started moving to Subeta more actively I followed over there and more or less switched entirely for many years. Stayed there through college while I got a degree in physiology (2005-2009) until I eventually rage-quit and gave away most of my Subeta pets because I was honestly tired of how much time I had spent on the internet for the last decade and how invested I was in a game that was becoming more stressful than fun. I wouldn't say it was true obsession but it was bordering on it! Since then I worked as a nurse aide for a few years, applied to and got accepted into a physician assistant program, moved out of state, started my life all over and have been in Arizona since! I graduate this week with my master's degree. I still take for granted how fortunate I was to get here- apparently there were 1,800 applicants for the newest class of 90 PAs this year. Insane. I have collected a new dog and a boyfriend of about 1.5 years and we are living together learning to be adults with joint banking accounts and thinking of moving back to Colorado.

Even though my timeline is short and uninteresting, what I do find amazing is how often I still check the sites (Subeta + Neopets) and these forums. Whether it's a force of habit or just nostalgia, even those of us who aren't necessarily the well-known posters are still drawn to the community. I think that says a lot about the people here and how much you all can affect lives without even being aware of it. :)

As far as my gaming accounts- I did create a few new pets on Subeta but have yet to really do anything with them or play, going on 3 years now. It's there though in case the urge ever strikes me again. I've been zapping one of my Neopets a few times a week when I think of it since 2009 and not once have I gotten any remotely awesome color. I guess that helps reassure me that I was wasting a whole lot of time on there for relatively little reward.

Also, every time I log in, I get 2-3 Neomails about my unconverted faerie Techo, Rilak. (Someone here lent me the money for that paint job mere months before the sitewide conversion. I'm still thankful for it!) I don't know how people find me...

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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Seerow » 20 Aug 2013 08:05 pm

I am horrible at time lines and dates and such so this will just be a list of exciting things (good and bad) to happen in that time frame, so very little of this will be in chronological order.

- Graduated high school with an Academic Honors degree.
- Went to Purdue University for two and a half years and changed majors three times (Animal Science - Wildlife - General studies) then decided I was wasting money so went to a local community college for a year and a half to take general classes and save some money. Never did actually graduate and take some online courses off and on. Still have tons of student debt though :(
- Got three of my four cats since then - Tober, Connor, and Echo. Briefly had two dogs.
- Got to fly out and meet Jessi and Lindsay which was absolutely amazing! They are the only internet friends I have ever met in real life. Also went to the zoo with them another time. My brother thought I was crazy and that they would turn out to be like axe murders or something.
- Moved about six times. All in the same town, but different student apartments, a brief stint back home, then into a more permanent (hopefully) apartment with my boyfriend.
-Started dating said boyfriend about three years ago and moved in together this past February.
- Went out of the country for the first time, via a cruise. Traveled to Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belieze, and Roatan. It was wonderful! Which also means I got my first passport which I thought was very cool at the time.
- Got a job at the local humane society where I worked for about three years. After an unpleasant experience while working there I left and got hired by the local Kroger company shortly after. I started out as a cashier but after less then a year I was running the customer service booth, accounting, and front end. I am currently the back-up front end manager at my store and the higher ups are looking to make me an actual front end manager at another nearby store. I met my boyfriend at this job.
- Learned that I have HPV and that I had some "Low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions" that could potentially become cancerous. I just had my latest pap smear a few weeks ago and the results came back normal. I'll have to get pap smears more often from now on but at least I currently don't have cancer. Go me!
- Lost both of my grandparents, almost exactly two years apart. This has been hard as we were very close.
- Bought my very first car! A new 2013 white Hyundai Elantra. It is so very very pretty.
- Purchased an awesome furniture set with my boyfriend. We wanted something sturdy and stylish that wouldn't break down after a year and surprisingly found it at the first placed we looked. We had imagined this to be a very difficult task.
- This has been the only forum I have ever really posted on. Go you guys for being so awesome.
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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Enriana » 22 Aug 2013 01:36 am

Goodness, it's been a while. I'm sure plenty of you don't even know who I am! ;) (Though I recognize most of this thread!)

I'm also not amazing at time, so while I can't go year by year, I can at least *try* for chronological order.. no promises.

- Flown across the country twice and visited two NCers (Figment, and Ty) in person (also saw Bon when visiting Ty)
- Got my GED (for those not in the US, it's a certificate that's the equivalent of graduating from high school)
- Started learning to drive
- Moved not once, twice, but four times in two different states, I've now lived in one place for seven years (over twice as long as anywhere before)
- Started taking classes on and off at the local community college, started actually liking school for the very first time in my life, halfway through my associates and intending to take the psychology degree all the way to doctoral
- Had my first serious, long-term (and sadly, long-distance) relationship
- Had my first serious Real Breakup
- Was part of an IRC community & one of the admin for about nine months
- In '05 I started learning how to read tarot, as of right now I'm working on becoming self-employed with it as my profession
- Built up my rock/crystal/stone/mineral collection to impressive heights
- Finally have an active social circle in town (it only took ten years or so ;P )
- Lost a kitty (on my 17th birthday no less, oh and this has so lost chronological order, oh well) to old age, have a new kitty now
- Visited New York City (I'm originally from the area right outside the city but didn't actually live there very long) both on my own & with my father (where he grew up). Rode the subway, the Staten Island Ferry, and the Long Island Railroad. (And cabs, but you can do that anywhere!)
- Got my passport (though I haven't travelled yet)
- Started teaching myself the guitar (as of a few weeks ago)

Ummm that's all I can think of. Well, "all", haha, it's been a lot. And many of you were big in my life for the first half of this past decade, so I figured I'd come out of the woodwork for a few. ;)

Edit: didn't really think to include it until I saw my (terribly outdated, goodness) signature:
- Started and successfully ran an icon/graphics/avatar community over on LiveJournal for something like 6 years. It's dead now, but a number of people here were part of that lovely project that ate chunks of my life. :)

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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Kari » 22 Aug 2013 03:58 pm

Godsdammit I feel old now.

-August 2003 is when I started high school, and figured out my friends were growing up faster than me because they all got boyfriends first.
-Also figured out they hey, I'm bisexual (leaning mostly towards women)
-Had a big falling out with a girl in my group of friends in 2006, ended up in peer mediation the next year for it
-Finally got my mom to realize that getting straight As and being perfect is impossible (mostly)
-Learned and forgot German and Japanese
-Moved to Florida, went to a diploma mill college twice, got two Bachelor's degrees, moved back home
-Only made friends with two classmate during my four years total of college
-And then got a job in retail, and have been there for two years...
-Bought my first car (2006 Saturn), had it die on me, and bought a second car (2013 Ford)
-Got more involved in the video game streaming and speedrunning communities, and join in a lot of events with them
-Went to my first convention in 2004, and usually head off to at least one a year now (though more games related than anime)
-Saw a therapist for my social anxiety and depression, which is mostly helped by medication since I can't afford therapy now
-Lost my cat from old age...and got two rats.
-Am still friends with another person I met in 2003 online.
-And most of my friends are online now, and I've met (and been afraid of interacting with) a good majority of them
-Been moderator of a few different message boards, all of which have closed now
-Was asked to be in two different threesomes
-Had a creeper and helped a friend deal with a creeper
-Got my first kiss in 2013...from a guy who was already taken.
-Dated my first girlfriend...for a week before I was friendzoned.
-Might be heading into a relationship with a guy?

This is definitely the forum that I've been around longest on, to some degree. I check in every day though I don't always post. I love getting the holiday cards every year and still have every single one. It's amazing, and rather hard, to realize how much has changed in what is really such a short time.

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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Faun » 23 Aug 2013 11:19 pm

I know I really haven't been here for very long, but a lot of stuff has happened to me in the past few years.

- Lost pretty much all of my friends due to me being depressed and them not wanting to be around me.
- Made two very good new friends, one of them is now my boyfriend (My first love!) and the other one is unfortunately moving schools so I won't be seeing him very much anymore.
- Figured out that I'm bisexual, went through a lot of stress and self-hatred because of it. I have no doubt that Neocolours helped me through it though. Being around so many different people really helped me come to terms with how I feel.
- I've become very interested in feminism. Whereas a few years ago I'd have kept to myself, I now have the confidence to speak up and educate people. I am very, very proud of that.
- I managed to stop self-harming after doing it for about 4 years. I feel much happier with myself and much, much more confident. Before I would have felt sick at the way I look, but now I'm actually comfortable with myself.
- I cut my hair short.
- Messed up quite a few exams, and possibly fucked my chances of getting into uni. I can't say I care too much about this though. I've finally realized that grades do not determine who I am. Failing a few GCSE's does not make me a failure.

I've frequented quite a few forums before, but neocolours is the only one I find myself returning to. I hope I can become a bit more active and get to know some of you better. I know you're all wonderful people.
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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Fjorab_Teke » 28 Aug 2013 09:29 am

I'll overthink this and make it hugelong if i go through and hunt down things, so i'll just post the major-to-me stuff.

- 2002-2006 Went through a really rough time of job/economic hardship and depression
- 2006 This hardship prompted my husband to consider a job in the military - he took it
- Moved to Alabama onto his first "can bring the wife" station
- 2007 Moved back home to Tennessee while he was deployed to Iraq
- Took a semi-volunteer job with a food bank, which i loved
- Started making annual flights to see relatives in Arizona with Mom
- Lived in an apartment in a skeezy part of town
- Went to my first Alan Parsons (Live) Project concert (big deal to me) and then became an audience regular
- Adopted two kittens from a neighbor who refused to get her cat (and the cat's son also in her house) neutered
- 2008 Moved to a much nicer apartment in a nearby historic town
- Adopted a retired Tennessee Walking Horse from a food bank boss, to be a pasture pal for my Arabian
- Met some more of my fellow APP fans and made the meetup an annual tradition too
- Bought a Toyota Corolla for my husband and so we could have a car more common and roomier than my Toyota Supra
- Tripped while playing laser tag, fracturing my arm
- 2009 Had cataract surgery and a hysterectomy (YAY! no baby scares ever, no more painful messy ick!)
- Moved to another base in California - a very nice place but too far from home
- 2010-2013 lots of cool trips (three cross-country in Supras), concerts, and visiting friends
- Finally decided it would be nice to have more friends in California, started playing sports again and fishing with the guys
- Still in California, still nice and lovely and great fun, it's still not home, still too far away

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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Gibblywibbly » 30 Aug 2013 01:40 pm

Haha, oh man. This place is 10 years old? WTF.

2003 to 2006 - The wrestling years. Basically did nothing but watch, eat, breathe, and talk about wrestling, much to the disdain of everyone around me. I had just turned 15 when this forum was created and was very active on my neopets account of the same name.

2005 - Meet nice boy on wrestling forum. Talk sparingly for a few months.

2006 - Suddenly begin talking to nice boy a lot. Learn nice boy lives in Florida. I live in Wisconsin. Uh oh! Nice boy visits in October. Suddenly totally in love.

March 2007 - Move to nice boys parents house in Florida.

2007 to 2011 - Reside in Florida. Collect multitude of pet rats. Don't do much except hug nice boy all the time. Suddenly hugging becomes less frequent.

2011 - Move back to Wisconsin when I realized I'm never going to get a job in the sinkhole that is Florida. Get okay job at Target. Nice boy gets okay job in kitchen at local casino. Suddenly we don't see eachother very much, suddenly hugging because INCREDIBLY INFREQUENT.

End relationship with nice boy. *sigh*

December 2011 - Meet what seems like another nice boy. Begin tumultuous rebound from hell that I am still not incredibly over. Turns out, he wasn't that nice of a boy!

May 2012 - Move to Philadelphia to work on lifelong dream of becoming professional wrestler! Live with crazy people for a few months before moving to a different house. Start working at Old Navy, which, if you're wondering, is literally the worst place to work ever.

August 2012 to August 2013 - party party party party party. this is all kind of a blur. who are you guys again?

Up for a new job, as it stands. Pray. Anyway, it's been a ride. :P
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Re: So what have you done since August 2003?

Post by Alucard » 31 Aug 2013 05:06 pm

man i didn't done much as i should have

improved my coding skill a bit more

made few updates to my game

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