Real Life Resolutions/Goals for 2015 (and 2014 updates!)

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Real Life Resolutions/Goals for 2015 (and 2014 updates!)

Post by Madge » 31 Dec 2014 09:06 am

Hi all!

As we post every year, what are your resolutions/goals for 2015? What did you accomplish in 2014?

Mine from 2014:

1. Continue to ride my bike to work every day
Done. Even though I'm working at a new office with parking available.

2. Be awesome at my job. Be more proactive when I'm underworked.
Failed. I'm shit at being proactive. But I've got a new permanent position and I'm much more worked now. I feel a little underworked but a coworker privately told me that it looks like I'm working too hard / have too much on so I don't exactly know what's up there!

3. Apply for a permanent position, get a permanent position I like
Yep. No dramas there.

4. Continue studying Italian on Duolingo (anyone want to follow me? I'm "Madgec"!!); hard mode: don't break my streak all year. easy mode: continue with my beeminder goal (see: ).
Resounding success! My streak is still ongoing, and I've renewed my work on French.

5. Continue to manage Perth Atheists and Perth Polyamory meetup groups. Get more donations for PA and pay for a venue and hold a quiz because that would be awesome fun.
Continued managing them. Didn't do a quiz night. Donations aren't good enough. Maybe next year.

6. Continue being a good freethought alliance member, be more proactive, chair meetings so they are shorter
Well... I ended up running for president of the organisation, and winning, so I'm doing a pretty good job, and acheived all the above (thanks to Paul's help).

7. Hard mode: have a wedding. Easy mode: set a wedding date and plan wedding
Planning has been done. I expect a date to be set within two months.

8. Be angry less
Not a quantifiable goal, but I think I did OK.

My new goals for 2015:

1. Ride to work

2. Be awesome at my job; improve my "productivity pulse" on RescueTime

3. Get a promotion (either in my current role or elsewhere)

4, Work on my French by watching TV and reading children's books, and talking to penpals

5. Work on Italian by continuing duolingo and getting a penpal

6. Keep the meetup groups going

7. Ensure FSA packs are sent out, people remain committed, and things are successful.

8. Plan and have a wedding soon

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Re: Real Life Resolutions/Goals for 2015 (and 2014 updates!)

Post by Fjorab_Teke » 02 Jan 2015 11:26 am

Most of mine are ongoing self-works-in-progress.

This year, it's a simple but difficult one:
Be kinder to everyone, especially myself.
I have a really bad habit of blaming myself for things and giving myself grief over ridiculous stuff and old regrets.
The world could use more kindness.

As for the usual works-in-progress, I'll keep them in mind but not hold myself strictly to them, just have fun with life and do "progress" stuff as able.

So, 2014 progress?

1: Work on the long-term future of my childhood home which is now officially permanently our home base.
(Progress! The exterior has new paneling, and they have new windows and other vast improvements. As Mom said, "home" was hers for 2014, so 2015 is focusing on the interior, "om." I like it. We still have more to do - interior structural/electrical/plumbing/etc. And we need to work on the horse fence and stable.)

2: Old continuing resolution - restore my beloved 1985 Toyota Supra.
(Progress! I got some of the window seals re-done, and some other stuff has been improved. The major structural problem we discovered is still a problem - mostly in how feasible it is in cost and doability.)

3: Another continuation - be active, lose weight.
(Not so much progress, but at least I've kept somewhat active. I haven't gotten to play much football since most of the guys left, and I haven't picked up horseback riding lessons again yet. But I've been going on walks and have hit a few several-mile walks. One of my achievements before some of my friends left was a Run or Dye color run with some of them, and I managed to do a decent jog for about a mile of it. And I've cut down on sodas and reclaimed a habit of more fresh fruits and veggies thanks in part to my husband signing us up for a local produce box, but I'm still a junk food junkie.)

4: *sigh* CD collection ripped to .mp3 on the computer...again.
(Very, very slow progress. I've been working more on my "favorites" spreadsheet and dedicated an external drive to my music, but I still have to rip most of my CDs, and a few are still missing somewhere.)

5: Clean, organize, and reduce clutter...again. Haha. :-p
(Hahahaha, one of my stickiest issues. Not much there. We're not slobs, just very cluttery. If we end up moving, I hope to get a bigger place and be more motivated to actually unpack, find a place for everything, make use of stuff, and pare out some that we don't intend to use/enjoy. I hope to find a few things that I suspect are just in a couple buried boxes we haven't unpacked.)

6: Keep a better journal...again.
(Progress! I've missed a few days here and there, but generally I've done really well with it. I had a lot of fun putting together the photos for 2013 in it, and I'm doing that again for 2014. That was nice to see and look back through, and I've been making use of some neat GPS and mood journaling.)

7: Kick bad habits...again. I'm getting better, but i still have to work on this.
(Progress! I've got a bunch of annoying bad habits but nothing seriously awful. I'm glad to reduce some of those bad habits with good ones.)

I've done a bunch more drawing again on my Idyll Valley horses. I haven't gotten past the sketch stage, but I like tweaking them until I don't see anything else that needs to be worked on. They'll eventually get colored. I'm not forcing my art or making myself feel bad about anything I'm dissatisfied with - that's the surest way to scare off my muse. So I'm going to continue to be kind to my muse. :)

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Re: Real Life Resolutions/Goals for 2015 (and 2014 updates!)

Post by Faun » 07 Jan 2015 02:31 am

I don't think I set any goals for last year. If I did I would not have achieved them because I got super lazy. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment so I think I'll be able to stick with some stuff a bit more this year.

1. Stop being lazy about schoolwork.

2. Draw more and be nicer to myself about my art.

3. Stop hanging around with people that I don't enjoy being around.

4. Maybe try to be a little bit healthier. Though I can't really see that happening.

5. Continue with my "watch at least one film a day" thing. I got a bit lazy last year and only managed 315.

6. Try to play more of the video games I own and stop buying new ones all the time.

7. Make more friends.

Hopefully this will inspire me to be a bit better with sticking to my goals. :P
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Re: Real Life Resolutions/Goals for 2015 (and 2014 updates!)

Post by EofS » 08 Jan 2015 12:22 am

I'm not into resolutions, but thanks to Madge mentioning Duolingo last year I now have a 370 day streak learning German. It should be 371 but DL messed up and switched my timezone at one point (rrrr!) so a day got skipped. (Another day I skipped myself, through sheer stupidity.) So this year I'm hoping for a full 365 days.

It had been nearly 6 years since I'd studied German with any sort of rigour or regularity and in that time I've pretty much just had practice speaking, so my grammar had gone to pot and I wasn't building vocab. There's been a definite improvement over the last year and I'm so pleased with myself.

Yay Madge! Yay languages!

(Also, you need to check out ShitDuoSays on Twitter. It's brilliant. I can confirm I have definitely encountered some of the German ones. (Medical is, I think, the funniest lesson I've done so far. Although my all time favourite phrase I've had is probably still the early classic, "my grandfather is old but his shoes are new".)

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Re: Real Life Resolutions/Goals for 2015 (and 2014 updates!)

Post by Madge » 08 Jan 2015 01:34 am

My favourite one in Italian is, "My brother is a plumber". It's like a super mario thing.

Very glad the recommendation inspired you!

Resolutions aren't really a thing of mine, either (despite me making the threads). I'm more into "goals", and the beginning of a year is kind of a convenient place to write them down. I think all of the "resolutions" I put up are things I'm already working on or want to work on. (e.g. as with last year, I'd been on a duolingo streak for 20 days when I posted the goal)

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