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Pokemon GO!

Post by thelonetiel »

I know you nerds, you're playing Pokemon GO just like I am. (at least, if you've got a compatible phone, can afford a data plan, and live in a place where it is active... Okay, so maybe not all of you are playing.)

How is it treating you?

I'm super curious to know about how Pokemon change over regions. For instance, in Seattle, we've got the common Pidgey and Spearow that I expect are everywhere. I also am willing to bet that Zubat and Eevee are universally easy to find (at least I hope Eevee is!) But here in Seattle, Drowzee is bizarrely common, so is Clefairy. Are they everywhere for you too, or are there other Pokemon that seem strangely populous?

If you are new to the game, here's one article on starting tips:
http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/ ... f95b961d8a

And some feel-good-justifying-the-addiction articles:
Pokemon Go Helps People Discover Their Cities
Pokemon Go reportedly helping people with their depression
Use Pokemon Go to boost your business

I'm a level 11 Team Valor. And I am so tempted to make some swanky team graphics, cause those logos are great!
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Re: Pokemon GO!

Post by Madge »

I'm level 10 Valor, woo-hooo!!!!

Here in Perth there's lots of venonat, krabbys and the odd Electabuzz. I also saw a hitmonchan on the radar but couldn't track it down :(.

I haven't seen a clefairy so colour me jealous.
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Re: Pokemon GO!

Post by Cranberry »

I missed this thread when you first posted!

I haven't played a Pokemon game since Yellow, but I'm enjoying this a lot. I'm level 25 now. Jolteon is my favorite Pokemon of all time, but Jolteon is terrible in this game so my go-to gym attacker is a Wigglytuff with Pound/Hyper Beam. These are my top guys... 11 are holding down gyms at the moment!



There's a good variety of Pokemon around here. LOTS of water guys, as I'm on an island. I have more golducks, starmies, seakings, kinglers, and tentacruels than I can shake a stick at, plus a couple of poliwraths (and almost enough candy for another).
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Re: Pokemon GO!

Post by AngharadTy »

Yeah, someone tell me when it's out on windows phone. I've played a bit on my husband's iphone, though. It's a great game, or... at least a good game with a lot of promise, in my city. It's shocking how great the game is if you go to a Really Big City! Around here it's just "oh, huh, nice." Certainly not worth switching phone systems for, alas.
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Re: Pokemon GO!

Post by Fjorab_Teke »

I've been waiting for this game ever since rumors about a year ago, so I'm pretty excited to be playing. I've been a Pokémon player since the days of blue/red and the KFC promo beanies (got hooked on a Dratini, still my favorite tied with Dragonair). I'm not hardcore, by some standards, but I've enjoyed it so far. Mostly, I've been catching. I've only battled a few times, not very much success yet.

I'm a Mystic. And my buddy is my Dratini, "Celica." I'm hoping to get it evolved into a Dragonair, eventually evolve one into Dragonite too just for completion, though I'm not a fan. (looks like the Nidos are the only gendered ones right now)
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