Revamped Reborn Darkonite

For posting new and revamped pet colours on Subeta.
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Revamped Reborn Darkonite

Post by Alicorn »

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Sorry I don't have the old one to post next to it. Thanks Purr! :3
Sooooo much better then the old one. It keeps the personality of the old one while making it look way better. My favorite part is the helmet. I don't even know what was going on with the old one's helmet. I do have to admit I miss the old ones eyes and how they glowed but that's just a small thing. Great update Lindsey!
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Re: Revamped Reborn Darkonite

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Old one.
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Re: Revamped Reborn Darkonite

Post by Faun »

That is so much better. Very pretty.
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Re: Revamped Reborn Darkonite

Post by Seerow »

The highlights playing off the Darkonite's helmet are lovely, makes it feel like hardened lava. I also really really love how the back legs were done! Good job Hagane :)
I too would have liked to see the eyes remain the same, though I guess they were likely changed to match the rest of the species.
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