Angelic Jollin

For posting new and revamped pet colours on Subeta.
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Angelic Jollin

Post by Purr »


Beautiful colors, and I get the gist of the pose, but the wings look a bit awkward, and the halo is too small :c
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Re: Angelic Jollin

Post by hebdenhippy »

I absolutely adore this! I really love the pose, it makes the Jollin look sort of shy and playful, but still elegant, if that makes sense! The colour choice is gorgeous, I think the subtle colouring for the spots really works well, and the light yellow/orange colour for the wings complements the fur colour nicely.

The whole pet looks so soft, the shading is beautiful, I just want to curl up and sleep in that tail! Overall, an amazing pet, and I really wish I had room for one!
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Re: Angelic Jollin

Post by carlos2000280 »

It is so cute! I love the lavender used for the fur and the eyes are so adorable and innocent. It looks like it about to spring and lick its owner to death ^_^

Re: Angelic Jollin

Post by Elucifer »

I wish it were blue instead. It reminds me too much of the revamped Angelic Torrey from a few days ago. But otherwise, it's adorable. =3
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Re: Angelic Jollin

Post by Haken »

I love the Joolin. The colouring and shading is amazing. So soft and fluffy.

Amazing Job!

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Re: Angelic Jollin

Post by Alicorn »

It's so pretty! I just love it. I'm loving the pose the same reason Rachel does. And the colouring is so soft and blends together so well. I'm so tempted to make Alicorn this. I'll have to think about this. Great job Rah!
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Re: Angelic Jollin

Post by Jessi »

I will be making Aniseed one of these as soon as I am able to xD It is absolutely fabulous, Rah did a magnificent job with the pose and shading, and the entire pet is just so, so soft and serene. I love it!
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Re: Angelic Jollin

Post by Jessica_G »

I love it=3
but the wings are kind of odd to me,..
but I love the colours, pose, pet, shading =3
amazing job!^^
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