Glacier Lasirus

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Glacier Lasirus

Post by AngharadTy »


I love it. So adorable. Cute pose, fluffy fur, good colors, translucent wings... I really love it.
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Re: Glacier Lasirus

Post by Wingsrising »

Ooo. The translucent wings are an awesome touch.
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Re: Glacier Lasirus

Post by Purr »

I love it, but something about the smile seems off :O

Re: Glacier Lasirus

Post by Elucifer »

everything's nice except that smile. I thought Glaciers were supposed to be bitter?
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Re: Glacier Lasirus

Post by Haken »

At first glance it looked like it was smiling but I sorta see the more angry/bitter expression glaciers have.

But ya the smile does seem rather off as it can still seem like it is happy if I don't stare at it long enough. But other than that it does look nice :)
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Re: Glacier Lasirus

Post by Keshi~ »

That doesn't look like a smile, more like a down turned lip with a puffed up cheek. Like he is sulking
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Re: Glacier Lasirus

Post by Goldenchaos »

The pose reminds me of the one I had done awhile back. Though, there's not many poses you can put a Lasirus in when its Glacier, really. It'd look too cramped otherwise. I love the eyes and the "I-am-better-than-you" look they portray.
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Re: Glacier Lasirus

Post by Faun »

Those wings are lovely. <3
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Re: Glacier Lasirus

Post by Officer 1BDI »

I honestly don't see the smile; I think the expression is dead-on.

I love most of the colors that have been released/remade for the Lasirus, and this is no exception. I'd turn Ettin into this if I didn't already have a Glacier pet and wasn't so picky about color quotas for my pets.
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Re: Glacier Lasirus

Post by Alicorn »

The glacier lasirus is quiet lovely. The pose works wonderfully with it and I love the transparent wings.
Add me as another who doesn't see the smile. Just see a smug look which works with it wonderfully.
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Re: Glacier Lasirus

Post by Foghawk »

I actually really like this! This is a bit of a surprise for me, as FMD/hagane's usual style has always bothered me for reasons I could never adequately explain (the lineweights were never quite even and always looked blurry to me, while the shading - especially on furry faces - tended to come very small and very light; I found it lacking in depth).

This guy, on the other hand, while still clearly hers (the tufts of fur, the toes and tail), fixes all the problems I normally have. I love the shading on the face and ear - specifically, the slight backlighting on the cheek, crown, and jaw, and the way the shadows around the eye are edged with the deeper shade - and the wings are just right and very crisp. This is something I'd own; major props.
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Re: Glacier Lasirus

Post by MissBatty »

Ahhh! Been waiting for this! And I am very pleased with the result~
The wings are gorgeous! Just the right amount of translucent, and they're actually not in an awkward pose. And I love how smooth the fur looks on the ruff around his neck.

And what smile? It looks more like he's pouting or puffing his cheeks or something. It's so cute!
If I was still on Subeta, I'd totally turn my dear Adonis into this.
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