GY revamps + Sweetheart Ruffie & Donadak!

For posting new and revamped pet colours on Subeta.
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GY revamps + Sweetheart Ruffie & Donadak!

Post by Runic » 01 Mar 2014 05:36 pm

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I appreciate the subtly and simplicity behind this revamped Graveyard Tigrean. The old one was hideously outdated.
I absolutely love the expression it has on its face; like its calculating its next victim, cool-headed and calm before the wrath of a storm.

The contrasting yellow stripes on the body just works well here. It immediately grabbed my attention when I woke up and read the news post this morning. The choice to use yellow for the stripes instead of a dark green is a really creative choice. I can't wait to re-rate this one in the colour viewer. *hinthintplease*

The Telenine is, as always, beautiful, ironic for how gross graveyard pets generally are. I'm attracted to the blue ghastly hue used for the fur. Even the tiniest of details, such as the x-like scarring on its left front leg, is wonderfully done! Rah's Telenines never cease to WOW! me, and the newly-designed Graveyard Telenine is one I really want to have as a pet.

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Moving onto the easily cavity-inducing pet colour on Subeta, these two new additions are exceptionally adorable.

I'm not a huge fan of Ruffies, though I do own a Nostalgic one. The Sweetheart Ruffie is now another I'm fond of.
Heart-shaped nose, heart-shaped forehead fur, the god, this is one puppy you just can't help but LOVE!

The Donadak is simpler, but still nicely drawn! The claws on each foot are alternating colours: I suppose the pink is like a rock-candy while the brown is solid chocolate. I like the light pinky-cream colour used for the body as well.

And with this, I believe Pandemic has officially come to a close.

What new pets combos will we see as Spring slowly tries to creep its way into Subeta?
More Steamworks? Perhaps the final 10 Glade pets will be done?

Or maybe a new redraw colour, such as the frequently-requested Storm colour, will make an appearance?

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Re: GY revamps + Sweetheart Ruffie & Donadak!

Post by Silverevilchao » 01 Mar 2014 11:30 pm

I actually can't stand the yellow stripes on the Tigrean, I feel that it's too jarring and makes the pet look a bit too bright for a GY pet. The Telenine is cool, though.

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