Advent Calendar 2011 (Y13)

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Re: Advent Calendar 2011 (Y13)

Post by AngharadTy »

That was a great animation.
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Re: Advent Calendar 2011 (Y13)

Post by Kantark »

Weird but fantastic!
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Re: Advent Calendar 2011 (Y13)

Post by Goldenchaos »

Derp. I missed a day (27th), oh well. Already have the Winter Sidebar. But man, I was really aiming to get them all.
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Re: Advent Calendar 2011 (Y13)

Post by Nogitsune »

The 27th seemed to have been a Discworld reference.
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Re: Advent Calendar 2011 (Y13)

Post by Fjorab_Teke »

Wow, i've been really bad at keeping posts up again.

So here's our last day.
Spoiler: open/close
You find 720 Neopoints!!!

You find a Scalding Hot Soup!!!

You also find a Scourgies Covered Ixi Plushie!!!

Animation: Yay a party! Then a grey Ixi (already sad, but this time covered in icky red "Scourgies" and looking immensely miserable) comes in, and everyone stares at the poor Ixi with shocked google-eyes. A green Gelert doctor is one of the party-goers and has a large bowl of hot soup, which he tosses onto the poor Ixi and everyone else standing nearby. The shock turns to relief and amusement as it's the instant cure for the Scourgies (remember the April Fool's gag?).

I noticed later that some of the others are covered in bandages (apparently small "Haphazardly Placed Splints").

I love the Advent Calendar and all the goodies and ridiculous animations. But man am i GLAD i don't have to hear those pasted voices or that tune AGAIN for a good long time! Knowing my luck, it'll get stuck in my head in March and i'll have to hunt down the obscure source. But aside from that and the OMG-EYES, i found today's animation pretty good.

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