Daily Revamps

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Daily Revamps

Post by Jamie »

So, a lot of 'daily' revamps have been going on around the site and a lot of the prizes have changed. So I thought it'd be nice to have a thread where we can post anything new/unusual coming out of the dailies.

For example, the new Mysterious Negg Cave is giving out Hasees!!
I had a huge 'WTF' moment while browsing the Trading Post and saw one listed for 400k. They're down to about 250k at the moment, but I assume they'll continue to plummet in price. They were ~5mil before.

Also of interest is that Coltzan's Shrine is *apparently* giving away those 'myth' prizes that have never really surfaced since the daily began way back when.
Battlepedia is actively trying to get info on these weapons as they appear. I don't know if any have turned up yet, but there could be a lot of price changes/ripple effects throughout the site if the other dailies have similar game-changing prizes.

There is an updated list of the Fruit Machine Prizes here.

I don't know of much else specifically. But feel free to post anything different you've seen someone get or have gotten yourself. The site has been stale in a lot of respects lately and it's nice to have so many little changes in a short amount of time.

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Re: Daily Revamps

Post by Scythemantis »

I hope they do the Brain Tree next. For all the trouble his quests are and how awesome he is.

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Re: Daily Revamps

Post by Fury »

TNT announced The Healing Springs is now giving out new items although they seem to be very rare. I've not heard of anybody getting one yet but there was an interesting answer from TNT in Friday's editorial:
Hey, TNT! You previously said we were allowed to use The Healing Springs to heal Neopets on our side accounts. I was wondering: with the new update that allows the Healing Springs to give out other items, is this still allowed? Thanks! :D ~cindycb
Yes, we discussed it and we wanted everyone to continue visiting the Springs on side accounts to keep all their Neopets healthy. With that in mind, the main purpose of the Springs is still to heal your Neopets and the added prizes are quite rare to even out the spread. (Their "drop chance" is based on average visits per player, rather than the usual one. Yay, maths!) So, the new ones are much harder to get, but we think you'll be quite pleased if you do happen to get one. And if that does happen on a side account, you can send the item to your main account to sell, just like you would a Random Event item.

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Re: Daily Revamps

Post by Color Wheel »

I think I heard of one person getting a healing Scorchstone from it, but so far that's the only new item I've seen. The prices on the potions that are being sold are much more reasonable now however.

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Re: Daily Revamps

Post by amneris »

I have to say I'm so frustrated by the hasee devaluation. I remember the struggle to get mine and now it just feels less... special? because anyone can randomly get one. I'm not against dailies giving out rare items and i think for example the krawk and draik deflation was much needed, but for goodness sake, make it a rare event. There are so many in the tp they're going to be 1np before long. Given out rarely so the price dropped from 5 mil to 2 mil, okay. But this isn't really fair. I can't count how many of my petpets have deflated recently.

Also hi this is covet, I forgot my password for that username again.

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Re: Daily Revamps

Post by Madge »

At least the PPL means it's still valuable for that? :)

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