A New Battling Era Awaits...

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Re: A New Battling Era Awaits...

Post by Cranberry »

The fact that enemies do not increase in difficulty has essentially killed the BD for all of the big battlers (the ones who belong to guilds and do tournaments and whatnot). It also means that fighting during wars would be useless -- how many enemies you'd be able to beat would be based on how much spare time you had to pound the same enemy over and over, not how strong your pet was. TNT says they're considering changing that, though.

Healers aren't working properly... there's no difference between overhealers and non-overhealers currently. Also, agree with you guys that having to heal after a battle even if you win is annoying. The Healing Springs need to be less random, or there needs to be some other way.

Draining and reflecting are also broken... hope those are fixed soon.

I'm interested in seeing what TNT does with faerie abilities, whether those are essentially the same or not. They never did make a lot of sense (increasing their level did nothing).

I wish they'd changed things more drastically. I know that when we rehauled the BC at Subeta and turned it into a tiered system, people bitched, but now, six months or so later, most people actually seem to be enjoying it (and should enjoy it more once we get a few more improvements pushed out -- it's all stuff I think people will love, this time around). Our system's still less than ideal, but we did the best we could considering that neither of us is a professional game designer, it's not a "real" job and we're working on it when we have time, and the system itself is flawed. Neopets is part of a HUGE corporation and could hire the best game designers to create a truly amazing battledome... but nope, they decided to stick with the same old system some college students designed back in the early 2000s.

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Re: A New Battling Era Awaits...

Post by Darigan »

In Neo's defense I must say that testing what works or not is the purpose of them doing the beta test. So far it's been much better than what they did with customization, let's hope they will make good use of the testers opinions when making the final release.
I never thought Neo would make any big change to the BD, as it would anger the old loyal players. I see the changes as an upgrade that is intended to look the same enough for the old fans and new enough to draw new fans.

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Re: A New Battling Era Awaits...

Post by Ailiel »

I can't believe how much red codestones have dropped in price. It's amazing. I was so bummed when I accidentally raised my battle pet's level up above the 8 codestone 250 level, meaning the volcano school was my only option. Count Von Roo was extremely unhelpful in lowering his level.

Now I'm wondering if this is too good to last! I bought a red codestone for 10,000 np... 10k! I used to spend more than that on one regular codestone, it's nuts. And regular codestones haven't dropped nearly as much. I'm selling off my regular codestone hoard from Keyquest (holding onto just in case I could use them again, someday) and I am debating turning almost all of my NP into red codestones.

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