15th Birthday Celebration - Site Updates!

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15th Birthday Celebration - Site Updates!

Post by thelonetiel »

The 15 year mark for Neopets is pretty awesome, and they've been making some great updates

New today was the Trading Post limit upped to 2mil. I still think it's a strangely arbitrarily low amount, but way better than the archaic 800k! Auctions are now 50mil, though I don't know what they were before. 10m?

There are also new avatars, new default site themes, and a couple other bonuses, like dailies getting larger prize pools and NeoCash Fortune Cookies being good for longer times.

And I'm still banking on a new pet at the end of the week.

I've felt like site updates have been a bit sparse lately, but I guess they were just piling them together in order to make the week a bit more special. I hope it continues and we get more basic usability updates!

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Re: 15th Birthday Celebration - Site Updates!

Post by Madge »

15 years??? Holy crap. That's.............. a long time. (let's not even comment on the fact that I've been on the site for 14 of them, though these days my appearances are far rarer than they used to be)

The new pet is gonna be interesting, I just wish it didn't look so crappy! I wonder what they're gonna call it?

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Re: 15th Birthday Celebration - Site Updates!

Post by Ailiel »

Wow, 15 years! I can't believe my freaking NEOPET is going to be 15 years old in a few months... Ridiculous! Totally outrageous.

I'm excited that the site has changed hands, it's been the best change in awhile. I'm excited to see what the future holds. Dare I say... the next 15? :shock: In particular I would really like to see a functional fun mobile version of the site. Life is a little different than when I would come home at 3 pm after middle school and what to hear the dial up tones to feed my Yellow Aisha and restock faeries from the magic shop. I switched jobs in September so instead of being trapped at a desk all day, playing Neo here and there, I'm now a nanny and I work until 7:30 chasing kiddos around. It would be great to have some easy way to log in during my little mini breaks while they're at swimming lessons or having a nap.

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Re: 15th Birthday Celebration - Site Updates!

Post by Marah »

Okay I need some help, I allready missed halloween because of this:

This account has been FROZEN for the following reason:

Sorry. Your account has been temporarily locked because you tried to login too many times. It's for your safety. Please try again later!
If you think the above reason was applied to you by mistake, please contact our support staff by clicking here. Don't forget to include your USERNAME and explain why you think your account should not have been frozen. If you DID break the rules, please do not contact us again. Your account will NOT be unfrozen and you will not get your Neopet or items returned. But, you are welcome to create a new account, as long as you follow the rules.

Obviously this wasn't me, someone else tried to get to my grandfathered plushie kau I think
I made a ticket on my side and it has been open since I made it over a month ago. (6th of october)
I have been patient and now I'm mostly annoyed, I didn't try to login at all and I would like my account back.

Anyone know what to do when the ticket system is utterly failing? I want to celebrate too!

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Re: 15th Birthday Celebration - Site Updates!

Post by Goldenchaos »

Contact them through Facebook. They've said you could message them to ask about tickets, not sure if it is faster or not, but doesnt hurt to give it a shot.
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