2012 Annual New Year's Neogoals Thread!

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2012 Annual New Year's Neogoals Thread!

Post by Ailiel » 31 Dec 2011 08:10 pm

Last year's thread: Neogoals for 2011

The archives:

How did you do? Did you meet your goals?

I love this Neocolours tradition. Here's how I stacked up against last year's goals:

1. Train Braedan to 400 boost.
Done on Defence, still working on Strength (363 or something at the moment).

2. Complete a set of Keyquest tokens.
Yay Big Lots! I did it, I did it! I have the Dark Nova bonus token from the set with the Halloween tokens in it. And I am thisclose to finishing the one with the gold pets (just need a gold blumaroo).

3. Paint/morph Noveli.
My sister's original pet, Noveli, who lived with me for many years is now a beautiful Maraquan Draik. She logs in about once every three months, but Noveli is the proud owner of the Gulp! background.

4. Get a freezer.
I should just accept I will never do this. So, no.

5. Bet in FC more regularly.
I think I did, maybe.

6. Get a few more trophies.
I won Neohome spotlight and something else this year, can't remember.

7. Keep new NC under $50.
Yep, I avoided the mall quite well this year! I think I spent only about $25 this year (I won a free card in the giveaway last year, so my total NC spent this year comes to exactly 50,000.)

But enough looking backward! I have some very definite plans for the coming year!

1. Upgrade Food Club Trophy to Gold.
2. Upgrade Poetry Contest trophy to x15 wins (at 7 currently).
3. Honorary Book Club trophy for Aurea.
4. Get avatar count up to 335 (330 currently).
5. Update Neopian Times trophy to x10 (and get that avatar-- currently at x3).
6. Make petlookups for all my pets.
7. Get a freezer! (It's tradition at this point.)

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Re: 2012 Annual New Year's Neogoals Thread!

Post by Fjorab_Teke » 01 Jan 2012 01:14 am

I still have my computer, and it has gone with me on my travels, so i've been able to keep up with stuff pretty well.
It didn't take very long to get Neightmare Magma.
One of my lab-adopts did get sent out. After playing around for a while on an attempt at a target zap (which didn't happen), i'm back to zapping the second one.
And yes, Peophins DID get the Maractite color, so Wurl immediately became one when they came available.
The only trophies i got were site event ones - GMC and such, as expected. I didn't bother with Kadoaties or Booktastic.

I also un-flaked over my issue with Karabyn, a Maraquan Uni i had, and snagged the surprisingly free name "Tigerfilly." The target zap didn't happen, but i was able to afford the PB. And i made someone mighty happy with sending Karabyn to them. :)

I had some nice surprises, like coming across a Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie AND a Pirate Krawk MP. The profits from those were easily eaten up by the NPs i sank into the Maraquan PB, but at least my account doesn't look too pitiful from it.

I did spend WAY too many NPs on the Wheel of Extravagance and lost ~95% of the time and quit. The Forgotten Shore is MUCH more profitable, though it'll likely mean that the MPs will deflate and Pirate Krawks (and Krawks in general) will be much easier for people to get.

For 2012
Again, i don't have many goals.

Look up when each of my pets' birthdays are and record them. The only one i know for certain is Seaquus.
Make a spreadsheet of all the pets i know i created and adopted out, with birthdays for those i have.
More lab-adopts.
More site event trophies.
Maybe try for feeding Kadoaties.
Maybe try for Booktastic.
Maybe try for Neopian Battlefield Legends trophy (probably attempt tonight).

With Wraith and Water being such spiffy colors, i might end up having to spend another great heap of NPs on some PBs if they come on pets that i like. A Wraith Eyrie would be nifty, and i'm surprised i still only have the one Eyrie since i like the species so much. With that thought, i just created Reyvun. I may or may not keep her, but she's here just in case, with a really nice name, too. I also created a new account, but maybe i should have done that BEFORE creating Reyvun. Oh well. :P

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Re: 2012 Annual New Year's Neogoals Thread!

Post by zebru » 06 Jan 2012 07:26 pm

My goals for 2011 were:

- get Ocy to 2150 HP (currently at 1577)
Almost? He's at 2148 right now.

- zap a petpet into a turmac (unpainted)
No, but I bought one! Neopets has it at the moment. On the same account are Av with chocolate turmac and Cos with ice one. Proper turmac army :mrgreen:

- create a certain type of pet name I've been stalking for years
No - it's a one letter pet. I was so close.

- enter a random contest
- draw and submit a comic to TNT
- fix my look up coding so the navigation on the side isn't beneath the user look up stats

No, no and no. Another lazy neo-year.

- stay away from NC mall capsules and generally spend less there
Some, yes. Still need to work on that one. Evil caps and their evil tempting LEs!

- get Neopian Battlefield Legends trophy
No. Tried maybe twice - I'm still not sure of when it's best to submit the score mechanics.

- fix my look up coding so the navigation on the side isn't beneath the user look up stats
No. I really need to get around this one - it annoys me a lot. I'm not sure it can be done with my current coding - I'll probably have to try from scratch.

So, for 2012:
- get Ocy to 2715 HP (currently at 2148)
- pester TNT into making kitchen quests give stats to active pet only so I can finally bring more pets to my main
- zap Neopets into ice blumaroo
- figure out paint jobs for Sod and Py
- enter a random contest
- stay away from NC mall capsules and generally spend less there
- fix my look up coding so the navigation on the side isn't beneath the user look up stats
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Re: 2012 Annual New Year's Neogoals Thread!

Post by Darigan » 07 Jan 2012 12:26 am

I'm new to this stuff, so nothing from 2011

- Update Neopian Times trophy to x10 (currently at x2)
- Be published in edition 550
- Get three new game trophies
- Finish Neoquest 2 at InSaNe level
- Customize all my pets

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Re: 2012 Annual New Year's Neogoals Thread!

Post by xphieldz » 07 Jan 2012 09:56 pm

Alright, I'm new to Neocolours and I have a new (1 month) account, so I'll try this.

For 2012
-Get the Lab Ray (currently working on that)
-Get Poetry Competition Trophy to 10x (Currently at 1x, but I've been published twice I just haven't received the trophy)
-Get Famufataru's Strength and Defense up to 125
-Get paint jobs for all of my pets


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Re: 2012 Annual New Year's Neogoals Thread!

Post by Themacwe » 08 Jan 2012 05:25 pm

I've got one goal and one goal only!
To attain my favorite pet ever! UC MSPP!
I don't know how, but some day and hopefully this is the year I get a UC MSPP!

This is the first neopet forum I've joined so maybe I can get some tips!

Happy 2012!

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Re: 2012 Annual New Year's Neogoals Thread!

Post by mellaka » 10 Jan 2012 05:39 pm

I'm a bit late, but here we go ...

- get zuriika to 1200 HP
Nope. I did train a little bit during the year but at some point it started to feel pointless. He's at 1020 HP. I may start training again someday, but have become more stingy with my NPs.

- at least 350k shares of stocks
Done: 477,000 shares
I pretty much stopped selling stocks and have been good at buying most days.

- add more pages of items to my shop and keep on top of it
This has been up and down for most of the year, but my shop is in OK shape. Since last year I wound up taking over as co-owner of my mall, so I have other stuff keeping me busy too.

- cut back on NC spending (I don't want a lot, but when I do want something, I tend to go overboard trying to get it.)
I've been better about it, mostly only spending for special NC stuff during site events and, of course, Halloween.

- submit a NT comic, or maybe try to come up with a feature story

- get Nimmos Pond and Faerie Bubbles avatars

I really, really cut back on my Neo time in the past year (I'm pretty active with my dog and also have a BF now), so I'm not surprised that I failed to meet most of my goals. I do still play, but most of my time is spent dealing with my shop or playing a little Plushie Tycoon (I've played every single month save one since I started playing in 2005. I don't play a full game anymore but always have at least a little one going).

For 2012:
-1200 HP for zuriika, maybe
-550k stock shares
-submit a NT comic, or maybe try to come up with a feature story
-get Nimmos Pond and Faerie Bubbles avatars
-figure out a nice species/color for kosomoko
-stay motivated with malling and continue to improve my shop

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Re: 2012 Annual New Year's Neogoals Thread!

Post by WisteriaLynx » 11 Jan 2012 04:57 pm

I had no 2011 goals to compare myself to.

For 2012, I'd like to:

- Have 100k in the bank by the end of the year. I can never get myself to actually do anything to earn NP.
- Not lose my password yet again.
- Get a picture in the art gallery.
- Adopt any new pets I decide I want from the pound instead of creating them.

I'm not going for a huge number of goals because I don't spend that much time on Neopets anymore.

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