"Triton" is UFT

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"Triton" is UFT

Post by Larkspurlane » 01 Jul 2013 07:51 pm

Err not sure if this is the right subforum for this, if not, mods plz advise...

Anyway, just got back from a 5-6 month poof and was going through my accounts since I couldn't remember who I had and who I didn't have. Just before I poofed I'd traded mighty high to obtain Triton, with big plans to make him an awesome mara draik. HOWEVER, now I'm no longer inspired by him as much as I was, so -- he's UFT.

I'm looking for UCs but other cool names are great.

If you prefer the privacy of NMs or PMs, that's fine too!
Thank you for the av and sig set!
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