Neo released over 700 UC pets yesterday afternoon.

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Neo released over 700 UC pets yesterday afternoon.

Post by Usul_Princess »

Around 12:30 NST 700 UC pets were unfrozen from the (hidden) neo account pound_release.....I know interest has peaked in the site, but I thought I'd post this for the sake of a significant event.

(I'm pretty salty I didn't get a certain plushie shoyru. 8) ) but the Neopound boards are a nightmare, and adopting any pet is closed (for now). It's a mess. I have mixed feelings about it. They should've done this a decade ago, and not entice the idea that UCs are still "possible". Just allow people to unconvert their pets to strip the power away from the people exploiting the game.

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Re: Neo released over 700 UC pets yesterday afternoon.

Post by Jazzy »

It has definitely put the cat among the pigeons on the Pound Chat! I agree that there should be an unconvert option - it'd stop people trying to break into my accounts.

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Re: Neo released over 700 UC pets yesterday afternoon.

Post by Ailiel »

I don't think Neo released them all, at least not all at once. I think someone figured out some way to find stuck UCs in the pound, perhaps from when they were still on pound_release or breik_u5. It just doesn't seem reasonable that the tileset method (generating spreadsheets of neopet image URLs with names like babygurl010101, babygurl010102, etc) could yield that many results. I tried tileset for a few hours and it was extremely boring and 0% successful, I can't imagine how many hours and time would go into that, and for what? To post a list? There must be an easier way and someone figured it out.

That's my theory though. And the person said they were going to post again on December 28th at 8 pm, if anyone wants to try! I was on Neo and on their second board within minutes but the small list of UCs they posted the second time were already gone within seconds. I have a ton of UC pets anyways (thanks to Neocolours for my love of redraws back before conversion) but still would not hesitate to adopt one in the pound. Such a wild day! And a full 12 years since conversion, crazy to think of these pets in the pound for so long.

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